switching to amsoil

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Oct 6, 2005
when switching from a otc synthetic (mobil 1, syntec, etc) to amsoil would there be any special considerations? amsoil says when going from dino to amsoil to do an amsoil engine flush if it has some miles on it and to do a shorter interval at first (i think, may be wrong), so would this apply to cars that have some miles on them that used synthetic as well? my car would have 50000 or 60000 miles on it at the time of switch and has had synthetic oil its entire life.
so what maybe 10000 miles the first go round or 7500. i would be using their eao filter as well.

ps. has anyone cut open one of the eao filters? im sure the construction is excellant but some of use on another board are getting really curious about whats in there. im thinking of biting the bullet and getting one to cut open.
Well, I've been puttin AMSOIL in new-to-me cars (most with 100,000 or so miles)for over 27 years now. Have yet to change earlier than a year, and nary a problem. Yes, I did use the flush (once it became available).

In a car which had been using synthetic, I'd just put on a filter, drop the oil in, and remember to check the oil level somewhat regularly during the year.
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