switching to 5w-20

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Jan 7, 2003
Just happened to find myself at Advance Auto today [Smile] to pick up new wiper blades [Big Grin] . They had Havoline at $1.22/qt so I decided it was time and picked up a case (actually 13 bottles...6.5qt per fill) of Havoline 5w-20. I like what I've seen here with all the 5w-20 UOA and the Havoline is inexpensive and readily available locally. Interesting observation....no place around here that sells Pennzoil has the 5w-20 [I dont know] . I like the GII+/GIII composition on the Pennz but I don't need another Holy Grail search like Chevron Supreme turned out to be. I'll allocate my remaining Chevron Supreme 5w-30 to the wife's Pathfinder. Mikep
Originally posted by MNgopher: Darn - you are finding it cheaper than I do. I get mine at Autozone for 1.59 a quart. Nobody else seems to carry the Havoline in anything but 5w30 and 10w30. Oh well... I've found the Pennzoil 5w20 at Walmart, Autozone, and Checker (or Kragen or Schucks depending on the part of the country). Oh, plug for MN and WI users - Havoline 5 an 10w30 is on sale for 91 cents a quart at the moment at Mills Fleet Farm...
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