Switched the xB to Mobil 1

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Mar 13, 2006
Used the 2nd of three free oil changes last Thurs. 6-8-06 at 5121 miles. Put 20 miles on the Mobil dino the stealership put in it and drained it and put 3 and 1/4 qts(added to what was left in the oil filter)of Mobil 1 5W-30. The Scion xB absolutely loves this stuff. Check the history of fill-ups. 33.33 32.45 32.95 32.42 31.42 30.975 30.59 31.22 32.1 32.719 30.08 31.826 32.297 32.67 33.33 30.31 34.789 31.7 37.035- changed to Mobil 1
Please keep track of your mileage and give us another posting. With a little more data you will really prove something.
That is a huge increase. You didn't say how many miles you have on it? There is a point where the break-in factor comes into play.
Originally posted by speedtc: Over 5 mpg gain? Hmmmm.
From an oil switch alone. I don't think so.
M1 is a fine oil, and one of the best made. This huge increase is not from changing over to it, though. Everybody and their brother would be using it, if this were even HALF true and repeatable. No doubt.
Sometimes when you look for a mileage increase you find it. You many not realize it but little changes in driving habits and make a big difference.
I have an xB. You have to be careful on fill ups. If you're on slight grade, it's tough to top off. In a ten gallon fill up this can skew things. I have been "averaging" 34 mpg or so since I've stared to keep organized and cumulative data about 4 thousand miles ago.
I saw what I believed to be a pretty big increase after my tC got it;'s first synthetic oil too. Sadly, about the time I saw the jump, it got really hot, and the AC has killed my mileage measurements. I think it did improve mine too, but who knows, it could be a number of things making ti appear better than it was? Scott
I would expect something like a 0.5 mpg improvement. I changed the engine and both differentals on my Subaru to Mobil 1 lubracants. I realized a 0.4 mpg improvement average after measuring fuel consumption over 1,000 + miles. 5.0+ mpg? I think not!
what made it go from 30 to 34 two tankfulls before? I couldn't figure that one out either. Both my boys had driven it and they aren't as light on the throttle as I am...
From an oil switch alone. I don't think so. I've kept track of every tankful since new. I don't even top it off. Those are real numbers.
Since when does 1 data point carry the same weight as the previous x teen others combined. Not saying it isn't the oil, just need more data.
Originally posted by GROUCHO MARX: I have an xB.
I saw a license plate frame on one that said "I think inside the box" [Cheers!]
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