Switched brands today.

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Oct 30, 2005
South Dakota
My 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan (3.8 v6) has 23000 miles on it. I have been running Havoline 5W/20 with 4-5K OCI's. I had been experiencing an oil consumption problem. My last OCI was at 20k. After about 1300 miles, I had used about a half quart of oil. I topped it off. 2000 miles later, I had used almost a quart. The last 1000 miles was spent pulling a camper along with some mountain driving. Today, I changed oil and filter (Wix 51085) and TropArtic 5W/30 synthetic blend. I noticed immediately that the engine ran much quieter. I wonder if I would have gotten the same results with Havoline 5W/30 (???). I will watch the oil consumption with TA and see what happens. I will probably try Havoline 5W/30 on my next OC and see if I get the same results. Havo-liners, please don't think I'm knocking Havoline. I have used it for years and since being introduced to BITOG, I've confirmed that Havoline is a good oil. Perhaps my motor just doesn't like it. Anyway, we will revisit this subject in a few weeks after I have some mileage on the TropArtic.
So you went from 5-20 to 5-30? My GC has the 3.3L, but it specs 5-20. Will there be a warranty problem using the 30W? BTW, TA is a great oil (I think, based on when I get my UOA back!) [Razz]
I don't think there will be a warranty problem. Of course, they haven't done anything about the oil consumption now so what have I got to loose?
I would have considered TropArtic 5W/20 but the cheapest I can find TA 5W.20 is $2.49 per quart.
Your motor's not gonna puke up and die just by running a synthetic blend 5W-30. The Group III synthetic content, itself, is both a darned stable viscosity index improver and lubricant. [Wink]
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