switch to pennzoil PP Ultra 06 Saturn Relay

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Jul 14, 2009
SF Bay Area
I took the plunge and have installed PP Ultra with the Pureplus in my 06 Saturn Relay. The van went 2200 miles and according to my wife, she was able to go from the SF Bay Area to Bend Oregon on 1 tank of fuel! With about 3 gallons out of 25 remaining, the van did very well! Usualy it has to be filled up around Klamath Falls. (the 2200 wasn't just to bend, or, it was regular driving around too, the road trip just added a thousand miles to it before I checked). The engine for sure does sound different, it seems to just idle easier now and revs up just a bit easier. I'll say the PPU is at work there! When my wife got back, the stick was a half quart low! This van for 98,000 miles has been fed Synpower 5w30. On synpower it uses up 1 quart every 7000 miles. I topped it back up and will wait & see what happens! on my friends 2000 Firebird (3.8L), I put PYB in instead of Mobil super 5000. in 700 miles it used up 1 quart. With Mobil Super it used up 1 quart every 2100. I topped it back off and am keeping an eye on it. This is normal when you change oil brands? Or is the Pennzoil just cleaning up so much the oil's finding its way out?
Ive always noticed increased consumption when switching to Pennzoil (yellow bottle, not synthetic) for some reason. Maybe it will get better after the 2nd change?
I got about 2 MPG better using PYB 10w30 and over 1 MPG switching from PYB to PUP 10w30 in a Subaru EJ25. PYB 10w30 had noticeably better cold start noise performance but both had outstanding hot performance. The PUP 10w30 did make the engine spin up easier. The PUP 10w30 has a much lower volatility than the PUP 5w30 so I would use 10w30 if you can find it (Amazon dot com has it...3ea 5qt jugs for about $90 delivered to your front door) The only reason I tried the PUP 10w30 is because my pressure washer used a couple of ounces of PYB 10w30 after an hour of use. After almost 4 hours on PUP 10w30, the level hasn't budged from Full.
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Consumption goes up sometimes when switching brands with different add packs. I would wait until the second OCI of the same brand oil before making any conclusions. It *should settle down. Also, it could just be the engine aging.
Thanks for the insights! my Relay is using 10w30, wife bought wrong one, but if 10w30 has a better volality rating, might as well stick with it.
With PUP 10w30 you trade a tiny bit of cold weather performance over the PUP 5w30 for MUCH better volatility and you also have fewer of those nasty VII polymers to breakdown with the 10w30. Also with PUP 10w30 you sacrifice a little bit of volatility performance over the PP 10w30 but you gain a much better add-pack with PUP 10w30 for smoother quieter low-friction operation...worth the extra $2 per jug. With the quality of base oils today, I would choose a 10w30 over a 5w30.
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