Switch to Amsoil at 140,000 miles?

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May 17, 2004
Ann Arbor, MI
I drive a 1994 Escort GT with a Mazda 1.8l BP engine, and I just hit 140k miles the other day. I just baught 4 quarts of Amsoil 5w30 and an Amsoil filter for her. I'm pretty sure its had conventional in it for most of its life. It runs great and has been meticulously maintained, but I still have my concerns. I hear that synthetic will clean out carbon desposits that are covering up faults in seals and such, resulting in oil leaks. I read around a bit and saw people to tests and such, and some were speaking of dino oil? and others talked about some flush they did before they switched to synthetic and it worked out? Excuse my ignorance... it appears there's alot more to oil than I would have guessed. Any recommendations for me as I make a switch to Amsoil at 140,000 miles? Thanks [Cheers!]
140,000 seems pretty late to be changing to a synthetic oil. I would stay with the dyno myself as it has seemed to serve you well. If it were my car I don't think I would make the switch. But one of the other guys my have some more insight on it. BTW: [Welcome!]
I have changed at 140,000, 175K, etc....I would put it in for a 3-4K run. If it leaks a bit (may NOT) - then do the AutoRx and try again. Actually 140K is NOT that high of miles, these days!
I'd use a can of the Amsoil Engine Flush and a new oil filter before putting in the new oil. Fast idle the engine in neutral, at two times the normal idle speed for 20-30 minutes, depending on how clean it is inside. I'd also change out the first batch of Amsoil after 8000-9000 miles, since it will finish the cleaning process inside the engine. Tooslick www.lubedealer.com/Dixie_Synthetics
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