Swiching to Schaeffers 7000 How to clean eng?

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Feb 20, 2003
Republic, MO
I want to switch to Schaeffers S7000 in my vehicles. They are 97 Ford F150 4.6L 99K always on Penz dino. 99 Honda Civic 1.6L 67K always Penz dino. 96 Ford F150 4.9L inline 6 just bought but has Valvoline change interval sticker on windshield. What is the best cost effective way to clean these engines before putting in the Schaeffers? I use Motorcraft, WIX and Baldwin filters. Live in Missouri with a mix of hiway & city driving, no racing & pretty clean air conditions. Temps range 100 F in summer to 0 F in winter. Mostly temps from 10-90 F normally. I want to choose 1 wt for all the vehicles that will handle these conditions as well as the tighter tolerances of my 97&99 vehicles. What weight S7000 would you recomend? Would 10-30 or 15-40 be appropriate? Also where would I find a dealer in my area, Springfield,Mo 65804? Thanks, Gary
Well you could use AutoRx

Or you could use Shaeffer's Neutra

Its early this morning and I'm grouping on how to locate the specs of Shaeffer's products (like Neutra) now that this board isn't tied to Shaeffer's Products. I hate it when I look stupid
Help me out guys

When you are looking for the "one size fits all" ou need to compromise. 5W-30 or maybe 10W-30 with Shaeffers (If we could find the specs

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