sweating like a ba$tard

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Dec 12, 2002
Decided to cook "oriental" food on the BBQ tonight.

Made fried rice on the flat plate.
Cooked spare ribs (marinated in honey, soy, garlic, lemongrass and chinese rice wine) on the grill.
Cooked stir fried vegetables on the wok burner, with some hoi-sin sauce, oyster sauce, and some marinade from the ribs.

Turned out lovely.

I need a beer.
Ahh not the kind of food most on this web site ould eat. But then Australia being as food mad as we are are and one of the main fod destinations of the world it's no surpise. Tonight I purchased from my local seafood take away Japanse Seafood salad entree, grilled underdone Atlantic Salmon for my wife, Spanner Crab stir fry with ginger and and Shallots for mysef (huge), and cold matinated Octopus for my daughter. Grekk and normal salad on the side. Next Saturday night they are doing are having a Hawaiian Night with seafood buffet, and Greek Lamb and Pork on a spit, should be absolutely sensational. Things are really taking off at Belconnen Markets, about time. Getting access to the best Australaian seafod has really changed our eating habits particularly after my wifes brain aneurism. Red meat is now a rareity on our menu as well as salt (Sodium) as it should be. Great for me as I wuldn't give a sh!t if I never ate a piece of red meat again. Mustn't let my dopy wife no that but vor I'd be in deep do do.
Sounds excellent Shannow. Even though it's 21° F outside and 6:30 AM - I'm ready to fire up the grill!!

Seeings how we are on the wrong side of the earth - I'm still eating "winter foods". My wife (of Asian heritage) has some euro standards perfected. Small world.

I feel like rolling and smoking a salmon today/manana.
Sounds Delicious! That's the way I like eat!
a few years ago, I was at a maintenance seminar in Melbourne, and ate at a Korean resteraunt...asked for "traditional food", and lost 20 lb in fluids.

Funny thing that day.

I walked out of the motel, walked up the street, waved to a guy and said "How are you going Pete ?'

walked another 10 paces and though "OMFG...that was Peter Brock"

Why do ba$tards sweat more?

They sweat more than other people because of all the lying, cheating and stealing. Ba$tards are also fat.

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If it doesn't have chilli I won't eat it basically. I have a collection of chilli/pepper sauces at work and even use it on breakfast. Probably explains why I enjoyed India a week back. Even though the food was mild (Northern) it was excellent. Masala omelette one day was an eye opener. Wish I was back there to be honest, it's exciting!
If you like hot food, go to your local asian market and look for mai ploy (green curry). It usually comes like a paste. Mix it with some coconut milk, chicken, and some vegetables and serve over jasmine rice. Carefull if you use to much it will burn your lips off.
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