Sway Bar Bushings on Windstar van

Dec 12, 2013
Do you lubricate the sway bar bushing mounted to the frame to avoid wear from twisting? Any product recommendations such as Silglyde, dielectric grease or some other rubber safe product? This is a 2001 Windstar van and it has a thumping sound, the link bars are also trash. I was able to push the sway bar side to side through the bushings indicating a loose fitment. I am posting this because there are people here with real experience whom can provide valuable information. I also read a similar thread on the Chrysler Mini Van and their failure prone bushings, the reason I'm going with Moog and not the cheaper parts.
Unless these have been replaced in the last few years they're likely trashed anyway. You'll have the highest likelihood of success if you go through and replace them.
I generally replace these rubber bushings/end links as routine maintenance with the polyurethane. The rubber deforms too much before the sway bar can 'work'. You'll then notice less body lean-good luck.
I'm in the process of replacing everything that is a concern related to the safety inspection. Just finished replacing almost everything on the braking system.
Yeah, I use the same CRC product too, mostly on the pad backing plates for the anti squeal effects (not sliders), I use Sil Glyde on the sliders as it's just better IMO.. Never used the CRC on sway bar bushings. Maybe I'll try it with the next tub I buy.
After a while the hollow sway bars on the Windstar just break, often at the mounts... That's what happened on my 1996 Windstar, with the bonus of the broken segment and the link flopping around to damage the CV boot. Kits are available to replace the whole sway bar, with end links and mounts.