Suzuki 1.4 Boosterjet TGDI (K14C) engine oil selection

Aug 19, 2020
Northern Italy
Hi, I'm looking for advice on Suzuki boosterjet 1.4 K14C (TGDI) engine oil. My use is mostly of medium journeys 20/30 km in the mountains and hills, average speeds of 40 km / h, occasionally long journeys, cool temperatures between -15 to +30 °C, at most 3000 RPM for 90% of the time. I would choose strict oil change intervals of up to 8000 km (5000 miles). I am interested in maximum protection from wear of the engine and timing chain, cleaning from carbon deposits on the valves given the direct injection, protection from any LSPI. Not having had a TGDI before, I explored the preferable oil specifications also in relation to what Suzuki recommended, it seems to me that a new API SP and ILSAC GF-6 would be excellent, in addition to a Dexos1 gen2 for petrol engines .

Minimum required specifications:
Suzuki k14c spec.png

The oil qualities should be: 5w30 with the lowest NOACK and mid saps for the intake valves; molybdenum content to limit wear on the chain.

What I don't understand is which is the correct HTHS for this motor, equal to 3.5 for safety or it can go well> 2.9 given the Acea A5 / B5 recommended specifications. The first filling should have been done with (Suzuki) Ecstar f9000 5w30 or similar, hard to find in my area, it should have an HTHS> 2.9, these are the declared characteristics:
Ecstar f9000 5w30.png

I have seen many brands but the one that most impressed me is the fully synthetic Ravenol DXG 5w30, except for HTHS of 3.1, with the following values:
Ravenol DXG 5w30.png

Alternatively also Motul Eco-lite 5w30 but it looks slightly inferior and I don't know its noack.

Thanks in advance for the advice.
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5w30 in either vw 504/507 or. MB 229.51....also bmw LL-04... You cant go wrong with those! They are all HTHS 3.5+ by spec!

VW>MB>BMW <---- I would choose in this order!

Ravenol has HTHS of 3.1 because its API/Ilsac...
And regarding your service manual....funny that they want you to use full saps oil (ACEA A3/B4) in a TGDi engine...

Not that it is prohibited...but....dunno for your Suzuki... Some TGDi engines are LSPI prone.....and in those you can only make situation worse by using full saps oil...
Not so if choosing a high HTHS or staying in an intermediate range> 2.9, would there be significant differences in wear over long mileage? Surely with a low HTHS I would get low consumption and perhaps a higher oil consumption (for now it is minimal / absent).

VW 504/507 should be the longlife specification, is it superior to ILSAC and Dexos1 gen2?
I know VW is also for diesel-DPF while ILSAC-Dexos1 is specific for petrol and there is a specific test (GF-6) on the wear of the timing chain.

Following your advice can good oils be Mobil1 ESP 5w30 and Ravenol VMP 5w30?

I have had several Suzukis. They are fine with most specified oils. If you have a Swift, I'm jealous. That is a really nice car.

No, I have a Vitara AWD SUV, but the same engine is fitted to the Swift Sport!
VW can bi used in both.... 504 part of specification is for a gasoline engines... 507 belongs to diesel...

I am not fan of API/ILSAC wont comment that

Both oils above should be ok (Ravenol/Mobil).....add also Shell into equation (ECT or AV-L version)....

And thats about it :)
Hello, and welcome to this board :) you'll see that I have a Boosterjet (K10C) in a Suzuki Vitara (LY). 39000km so far.

Regarding motor oils: Given my localisation, I used whatever cheap A3/B4 5W40 store brand oil I would find, and changed oil every 7500km (and filter every 15000km). No known issue so far. On the 37500km change, I even filled with a blend of Motul 7100 10W40 motorcycle engine oil (the red PAO stuff) and leftovers from car oils and motorcycle oils. I trust the >3.5 HTHS route. No oil consumption for now, but when it was new it used a few liters on the 2 first changes, then tapered low rapidly.

Have you got 6-speed auto transmission or 6-speed manual? If you got 6-speed auto and have oils concerns, I'll be happy to discuss about it in another topic :)

Also, if you want to chat about any technical details on the car, feel free to reach out
Hi Superflan, I have the Aisin automatic transmission, it would be really interesting to open a specific topic soon, I have already collected information for the future ATF change and I would be happy to talk about it.

For engine oil, I would therefore remain in the 5w30 selection with HTHS> 3.5 mid saps.