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You can request product data sheets for Wal*Mart SuperTech motor oil from Pennzoil-QuakerState's website. Be sure to specify which weight(s) you're interested in. I just got one for the 10W-30 weight earlier this week, but the sheet's still for the old SJ API service category even though the product, itself, ~is~ SL rated.

-Ray Haeffele
This is SJ, the SL specs. should be better.

Super Tech SAE Grade(SJ) 5W30 10W30 10W40 20W50
API Gravity 30.7 30.3 31.3 27.9
Viscosity cSt 40C 67.0 73.2 104.0 170.5
Viscosity cSt 100C 10.7 11.0 15.2 19.4
Visc@100F SUS 342.0 376.0 532.0 887.0
Visc@210F SUS 62.8 63.9 80.3 98.3
Visc. Index 155.0 140.0 152.0 121.0
Flash Point c (F) 207(405) 210(410) 221(430) 227(441)
Fire Point C(F) 221(430) 227(441) 232(450) 235(455)
Pour Point C(F) "-37(-35) "-34(-29) "-34(-30) "29(-20)
Viscosity cP, Max 3500@
"-cp Max, 4500 "-25(-13) "-20(4) "-20(-4) "-10(14)
Low Temp Pumping C(F) "-30(-22) "-25(-13) "-25(-13) "-15(-5)
Viscosity cP Max 30,000.0 30,000.0 30,000.0 30,000.0
Bumping this:

As most of you know, Sam's Club is owned By Wal-Mart. Among the oils sold there is "Certified" brand. It comes from a refiner in Shreveport, Louisianna and at $9.99 a case it is the same price as Super-Tech. It sounds to coincidental, not to be the same oil. I'll see if I can find out more.
Westland???-- Why??? Johnny has said repeatedly that the ST was made by the old Specialty plant in Shreveport, soon to be closed down. We've also heard that some of the production may have been shifted to Warren's Omaha/Council Bluffs facilties. I've heard nothing about any Westland. Where did this come from.

I haven't been in a Sams in more than a year, but I'm sure their case oil is the same stuff as SuperTech.

Maybe the recent ST sub-standard showing is from some pissed off soon to be fired yokel in Shreveport messing with the mix.
Valvoline/Ashland is a Kentucky company. Is there any connection? I thought SuperTech was somewhat similar to Pennzoil and Quaker State.
I had read, and confirmed from Johnny, that the old Specialty Petroleum blending plant in Shreveport was to be closed when Shell took over PZ/QS. Did Westland purchase that plant from Shell and keep it open? Or are these two different oils, both of which happen to be blended in Shreveport. I don't get into Sam's very often-- I have a free one day pass, guess I'll have to go in just to look at the oil containers.
I know I've harped on this oil a lot this week, but seriously, I need to know why people are so anxious to use it? Why not just go with an oil that you know? Buy a name brand conventional, one with known specs, and one where you know where it's made. Instead of trying to figure out more about this oil, and giving yourselves headaches, just go with something good like Pennzoil or GTX or Chevron or many other quality oils. There are MANY other oils that are only a few cents more per quart that are better than this one.

Originally posted by Patman:
I know I've harped on this oil a lot this week, but seriously, I need to know why people are so anxious to use it? Why not just go with an oil that you know?

Because there's something mysterious and seductive about those oils that we don't know!
In essence, I agree with Patman, why worry about the source and use a poor oil. WM's buyer will just go with the lowest bid next order.

However, while running a freezer test with the SL Pensoil 30 with moly for my father's 1973 Ford pickup( after reading this great forum and learning about moly) and just for fun, since I have that curious mind problem, I picked up a quart of the WM ST 5-30 oil for testing.

At that time, my 87 Pathfinder was using some serious oil, like 300 miles a quart, so it was a real candidate. After all, it is kind of interesting how cheap someone can make an oil that is still SL and GF3 rated. It indirectly tells something about SL/GF3,I fear.

Well, the WM ST 5-30 almost froze as solid as the Pensoil straight 30. In contrast, Mobil's SS 0w-30 seemed like water. I still have the ST unused and just decided to buy Pensoil 5-30 for $1.15 even for use in an old beater like the Pathfinder.

FYI, I have scheduled a Nissan reman engine next week. One advantage besides being cheaper that a new SUV, it that I get to play with a new engine with all that I have learned on this forum and try to make it last even longer that the last one.

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Checked the garage, I have both ST 5w-30 and 10-30, so not sure from memory which one. Regardless, even if was the 10w-30, it was way too thick for Colorado winters.

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