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Nov 17, 2003
What is the real story with ST 10W-30 at Wally World -- threads here say it is MAG1 -- but tonight I saw the pallet that was delivered to local Wally in my town and it said Quaker State Corporation on it. Is this Oil crap or good to run in 96 Camry -- in the southwest US??? I do about 3-4k oil changes -- heat is an issue in the Summer since this is the desert. Thanks in advance.
If you've got the V6 in your camry I'd find something a little better... (sludge)

Are you sure it was a pallet of ST10w30?
There was a used analysis or two posted here and the oil didn't look that bad. But looking at the additive package it appears to be a pretty less than average oil.

I would suggest Mobil Supreme, Pennzoil, GTX, or Motorcraft.
15w-40 Delo/Mobil 1300s works well in the desert for me!

I did use the ST 20w-50 in my SUV that went to San Francisco and Vegas this summer...
It did fine in my car. I use it because it's the least expensive bottled oil change I can get and Wal-Mart (although not always competant) at least doesn't try to sell me a new battery like most quick change places.

ST is Warren.

Here's an additive comparison between dino. 10w30 oils in UOA's. As far as I can see there's not a lot of difference in the bunch.

2. Shell
4. Valvoline
5. Mobil.

Moly 2,4,11,3,3 ( 5 out of 5, none have much)
Phosporous: 815,773,831,874,798 (3 of 5)
Calcium: 1951, 1877,809,1865,1924 (1 of 5)
Magnesium: 6,11,739,86,7 (5 out 5)
Zinc: 934,838,1083,948,997 (4 out of 5)

SuperTech and Valvoline get knocked for weak additive packages. In reality they all look about the same to my untrained eye. In fact with the exception of Pennzoil's magnesium I would venture that each of the additive levels is within an error range. Especially if different labs were used. Pennzoil makes up for magnesium by cutting calcium. Is one better than the other? Dunno.

I think my Hyundai+SuperTech did run further than most of the others but some of the cars had more miles. This reinforces my belief that most off the shelf dino SL oil is about the same.
I have the 4 cylinder Camry -- 5s-fe -- went back to Wallyworld after reading the posts and talked to auto department manager -- he states that the ST they get has Quacker State on all the pallets and it is his belief that it comes from a QS plant I am not sure on this one. He says they sell a lot of it and nobody has really complained.
In the early 80's as a teenager I worked at a Wal-Mart and the Wal-Mart brand oil at the time was Valvoline. Just Gee Wiz stuff
Using ST will not kill your motor.

It is up to par with other oils on the shelf at Walmart.Just cheaper.Shown low wear in a couple of UOA's.

Just change it at 3K/3M.

I have a 02 Sienna(AKA sludge monster,probably an overblown problem).I may try this stuff at my next change.
I currently am using Exxon Superflo 5W30.I may add Neutra #131 to an interval to use as a preventive measure against sludge but I think that the reason for sludge in these motors is because lack of sensible maintinance.
Just off topic - WALLY'S had Exxon Superflow 10W-30 for 89 cents/quart on some promotion this week -- maybe clearing that off the shelf also.
I've never seen Exxon at Walmart where I live.Neither do they ever have my ST oil filter # in stock.
BTW-- Here's a comparison of the Warren SL SuperTech with the old Quaker State SuperTech and the three other QS/Pennzoil oils. I think the performance looks pretty good. These are for 10w30...

10W30 New ST Old ST Pennzoil Quaker St. Wolf's Head
Visc. 40c 71.0 73.2 67.0 69.1 65.3
Visc 100c 10.9 11.0 10.5 10.5 10.5
Visc. Indx 143 140 160 139 138
Flash-F 430 410 430 410 430
Pour-F -34 -29 -33 -22 -17
Low Pumping-C -25 -25 -30 -22 -30
OK -- so I am not a techinical guy -- but for 3K/3M oil changes --am I going to damage a 4 cyl (5S-FE)engine with Supertech oil? --I use ST filters and they are made by campion which is a great buy at 1.97 -- I mean I can trade up to Chevron Supreme for another 13 cents a quart at Costco but Wally world is closer and easier to get to. Does any moderately priced oil go to 3k miles without significant breakdown?
IMHO almost any SL dino oil will be fine for 4K mile changes. In my Elantra I change at 4000 in the summer. During the winter, I'll drop back to 3750 and use 5w30. Twenty years ago I routinely used Sears Spectrum oil (same stuff, now at least) and got cars well over 100,000 miles. Oil failures seldom deep six cars other things do.

If I had a sludge prone Toyota, or a BMW I'd go with synthetic oil.
Regards getting your oil changed at WalMart. My daughter got her Jeep oil and filter at Walmart and they put in a Fram oil filter. I had been e mailing her all the bad news about Fram oil filters from reading BITOG! I then went to my local WalMart and talked with the service manager. He said we always use Fram Pro filters and showed me a supply room full of the orange Pro filters. I had hoped they were using the ST house brands. They don't stock the Fram Pro line but stock all the other lines of Fram. Does the Fram Pro line also have the cardboard end caps and the cheap ADB valve?
IF you are goiing to run conventional oil try 15W40 Pensoil Long Life, Delo400 or Delvac 1300. If you are going to run synthetic try M1 15W50 or AMsoil 10W40. If you do not mind mail ordering Redline 10W40 would be your best choice!

Originally posted by csandste:
[QB] It did fine in my car. I use it because it's the least expensive bottled oil change I can get and Wal-Mart (although not always competant) at least doesn't try to sell me a new battery like most quick change places.

that may change, my dad gets his oil changed at walmart, everytime I look at his oil recepit. it says "battery tested good" this for a 03 nissan sentra. walmart batteries are not flying off the shelves so I suspect they may try to push batteries now. I bought a battery there for 29.99 but it was two months old
Costco sells Chevron Supreme 10W-30 for 11.69/case everyday -- so that works out to - 97 cents per quart? -- but you have to factor in the cost of $45/year membership -- costs nothing to shop at Wally's.
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