SuperTech Synth 10W-30

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Sep 12, 2002
I noticed that at Wal-Mart they started to stock the new ILSAC GF-3/API SL Supertech Synth 10W-30.

I had bought a case of the GF-2/API SJ 10W-30 just a week before.
YEah but I'd have to regurgitate brand new 10W-30 from inside my 5.0
I was merely pointing out that wally mart has a new GF3/SL Synthetic 10W-30 for sale.

Their GF3/SL 5W-30 synth was out on the market a few months back while the GF2/SJ 10W-30 was still everywhere.

I found that these Group III oils are very competitively priced and are Definitely better than dino oils (faster warmups in the winter, cleans fairly well, etc). I have to do an oil-analysis of course but for the price per quart, its a real good deal.
$2.97 per quart, same as the synthetic 5W-30.

They're both GF3/SL now.

I cannot find Mobil 1 for sale $18/5 qt jug anywhere in Northern NJ.

The only other comparably priced high quality synth oil is Shell Rotella T synthetic 5W-40, but its not GF-3 and has a higher ash content (so I heard) than normal gasoline engine lubricants - it was designed to meet diesel engine requirements. I was told its not the same as Shell Helix Ultra.

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Even at under $3 a quart, I don't think it's a bargain at all. Shaeffer's blend is less than this and is definitely a better built oil.

Even if you didn't want Schaeffers, but wanted something off the shelf, Mobil 1 would still cost less, as you could run Mobil 1 for a longer drain interval than Walmart's bargain oil for sure. So even if you spend a dollar more per quart, you'll be able to extend your intervals more than enough to make up the cost.

At the same time, I'm very interested in seeing your analysis results on it, so I don't want to discourage you here, as it is always interesting to see all the different oils out there.
I know that the Wal-Mart SuperTech Synthetic oils are made by Pennzoil/Quaker State w/ different additives (altho the specs for the 10W-30 were dead-on with Quaker STate's own synthetic 10W-30), I'm sure they'd be good for 4000-6000 miles.

I'm not really interested in extending my intervals past 6000 miles, although my current plan is to change the oil + filter annually or every 6000 miles whichever comes first (I don't drive that much).

But I'll definitely get an oil analysis done on the used oil. I have some virgin oil leftover in my basement somewhere.

The cheapest M1 price so far is about $4.77 a quart. I can't find the 5 qt jugs anywhere. The local walmart has never heard of it.

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If 6k intervals are what you're aiming for you might be ok, but then again I've seen a few group 3 synthetics out there that didn't look too good at even 3-4k, so analysis is definitely the way to go if you plan to run this oil for a while.
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