SuperTech--really crap? Splain this!

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May 31, 2002
St. Charles County, Missouri
I copied these three samples from the VOA forum. I restricted myself to 5W30 because that's the only weight that ST was tested in: SuperTech 5w30 copper 0 iron 0 chromium 0 lead 0 sodium 0 boron 0 Aluminum 1 Molybendum 55 Phospherous 1122 Zinc 1090 Magnesium 4 Calcium 1934 Viscosity cst 10.50 sae/iso 30w Castrol GTX 5W30 VOA: Aluminum 1 Molybdenum 53 Potassium 1 Boron 2 Silicon 5 Sodium 1 Calcium 1720 Magnesium 3 Phosphorus 716 Zinc 801 (All other numbers 0) SUS @210 =61.2 Flashpoint =440 TBN =9.5 Royal Purple 5W30 Copper 0 Iron 0 Chromium 0 Lead 0 Aluminum 1 Silicon 2 Tin 0 Moly 112 Sodium 0 Magnesium 11 Zinc 867 Potassium 0 Phosphorus 786 Calcium 1670 TBN 8 Viscosity 11.4 I know that there was also another inferior ST UOA although the lab said the figures were as expected. To my untrained eye, SuperTech looks to have a stronger additive package than Castrol and compares fairly well to Royal Purple. I'm currently running ST10W30. I know that the real answer is that there simply isn't enough real world experience to make a judgement. I'll be running ST for slightly more than 4K on a vacation trip during the next week. I should probably kick in for a UOA but in fact this stuff shouldn't be around for too much longer anyway once the Shreveport plant is closed.
I've been using the ST 10w30 in my wife's Jeep,and I just started using the 15w40 in our other Cherokee,after using 10w30 in it.I use the ST filters and have had what I call good sludge,cleans very well,doesn't drop oil pressure,doesn't seem to thin out.I've been doing my usual 3mo/3K service intervals.Seems like a very good oil,especially for the price.Hopfully it will stay the same formula after Shreveport closes.
Not open for further replies.