SuperTech oil call...Who's using it?

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll
Curious about what vehicles/equipment you're using this in... Currently using 5w-30 for AutoRx rinse in a 1996 Saturn SL2. Never tried it before. So far so good...
I just put some 10w-30 in the ol' 2.8v6 s-10 today. Seemed kind of thin for 10w-30 to me. I will be doing an Auto-Rx treatment in the near future and I was considering using this oil.
Our Walmart oil is not called Supertech up here, but Tech 2000 instead, and I'm using the synthetic 0w30 in my mom's 94 Probe GT, and will have an analysis on it at about 3500 miles or so, which will probably be late summer (she only drives 60-70 miles per week)
There is nothing wrong with ST 5W30.It's a SL rated oil which has showed excellent UOA's however because it's low price it's assumed to be mediocre.But thats not the case at all. I am running ST 5W30 with a ST3614 oil filter in my 02 Sienna.So far so good. [Smile] [Cool] [Patriot]
I put ST 5W30 full-syn in my 02 Protege at my last change (about 3K miles ago) and I would swear my fuel economy has improved by between 1-2 mpg. I'll have a UOA performed in another 2K miles at my next change.
Used it on all of my non primary cars, haven't had a problem at all. If I did use it on my primary car, I would end up changing it every 2500mi though. Don't really have anything to support my actions, just that I think it's a decent oil for the price, but I wouldnt go past your normal change interval.
Wal-Mart has big corporate clout. We are a supplier to Wal-Mart. It is not an automotive product. Many products are formulated "especially" for Wal-Mart. I have paint bought at a paint store that has been in the weather for 8 years and when clean looks like a new almost plastic coating. The same brand in a similar container from Wally's faded and peeled in 3 years. I would not put my corporate name on anything supplied to Wally's spec. I'm sure Super Tech is SL and would be fine at 3K oci's. Wally also beats on suppliers and can get product at below cost, so the supplier eats it. The Super Tech may be a great oil and Warren is making zilch or losing. It happens,but what about the long term??
Sometimes you get good things from low bidders and sometimes you do not. I would not use it in any of my vehicles. Note-Some Walmart oil products also come from Specialty Lubes which is a Quaker State/Pennzoil subsidiary. Walmart creed, is buy low and sell low. [ January 26, 2004, 01:56 PM: Message edited by: Mike ]
Everyone loves to slam Wal-Mart but almost everyone seems to shop there, except a one die-hard union guy I know. IMO their store brands are equal to most branded products. Wasn't it QC that had a recall a few years ago? To me a 6 buck oil change with ST oil and filter 3 times a year makes more sense than trying to stretch a more expensive dino or syn to last a year and having to do UOAs [Phone] . [ January 26, 2004, 02:16 PM: Message edited by: Pluto5 ]
No complaints running ST 5w30 or 10w30. The Warren stuff is identical to Sears Spectrum and Warren's house brand. The Specialty Petroleum blending plant in Shreveport was closed when Shell bought it, so I think they're out of the Wal-Mart business. I did kind of worry when Shell announced the plant closing-- how much care does some guy who's about to lose his job really take.
I just Googled across this post on a motorboat site. I'm posting it in appreciation of the level of knowledgable response this site gets. Many of you have criticisms of ST oil, but you don't quite go off as much as this guy. First I thought this guy worked as a service manager at a dealer, but tle might refer to a Wal-Mart. If so it's another example of a pissed-off American workforce: "i work as a service manger at a tle Super tech oil is trash a engine hard and it breaks down super fast ..we do about 50 oil changes a day in my shop..40% of return visits of people who use super tech have no oil on there dip sticks saturns or hyndi's most have no oil on stick ..super tech even has a dark look when comeing out of the bottle compared to val or cast gtx ..dont use it ..its a freaking 4$ more for max life or gtx 17.88$ if you hate your car sure load it up with super tech products ..i love how it turns to runney goo its the same as going into a gas station and buying that white lable oil lol"
i do not think warren makes supertech oil. i think warren makes the plastic bottles supertech comes in, and maybe they also fill the bottles, but i really dont think they make the oil. consider this if you will, i had bought some supertech oil for a lwanmower, i went on warrens website and compared the msds to the supertech oil. the only thing i was able to compare was the stated color. the supertech oil was a different color than was stated on warrens msds. also a small local store carried actual branded warren oil and it is the correct color. so this leads me to conclude that supertech oil is not warren oil, or at the very least, it not the SAME as branded warren oil. maybe it is made by warren to walmarts specs? i dont know, but for $88 cents you can buy a quart of supertech and compare the color yourself. by the way, antifreeze is also different. edit: i know the color of lube doesnt really matter, but my point is that if the color is different, maybe there is other differences as well? someone should buy a quart of warren oil and a quart of supertech and have them analised if anyone really wants to know. [ January 26, 2004, 08:48 PM: Message edited by: cryptokid ]
The 5-30 and 10-30 weights have the API starburst symbol. At 84 cents a quart...why not. Once my remaing 2 gallons of synthetic are depleted, I will run this.
I used ST 10/30 in a Subaru with real high miles - only because you get to the point where you mostly don't care, it is a beater and does not deserve more. In a newer car, I would want something with a brand name.
I used it a couple yaers ago in my Ranger 4X4 with 3.0L V6. The first time it was put under a heavy load, The lifters started tapping like crazy. What do you think caused this? I recently ran this in my wifes cavalier and it ran smooth though.
I use the 5W-30 S-T in a '94 Gr. Caravan and '97 Lumina with 4 mo. OCI. Both vehicles used mainly for short-trips and accumulated mileage during the interval doesn't exceed 2K miles but I would go to at least 3K if necessary. Also use S-T filters. No problems, but I have never had any oil related problems with any factory recommended dino. I always change earlier than factory recommendation but went from 3 mo. OCI to 4 mo. when SL rated oils appeared. In my apps I feel that anything else would be a waste of money. [Phone]
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