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Jan 7, 2003
I was at Wally World this afternoon and as usual found myself browsing around the automotive section (even though I really didn't need any automotive products). While there, I took a look and did a visual comparo between the Motorcraft FL820 and Supertech equiv. The Motorcraft is a good 1/2" deeper so I guess would hold more and thus flow more oil. Is that a good assumption? Also, the 6 holes at the front screen are rather smallish and round on the Supertech but elongated and a bit larger on the Motorcraft. Would this also allow for greater flow? Looking at the interior screen of both showed the opposite though...the Motorcraft's screen holes were smaller than the Supertech. Anyone have flow specs on these two filters? I've been using the Motorcraft filter as of late but am looking to get a good balance between flow rate and filtrtation. If there is a filter that flows as well as a Fram but filter efficiently down to 15 microns that is the ticket. Also noticed (never bothered looking before) that they have full synthetic Supertech 5w-30 for $1.76 / quart [freaknout] . I asked the Wally World associate that was stocking fresh supplies of M1 and e said the Supertech oils are manufactured for them by Quaker State. Anyone know if this is in fact true? I almost purchased a quart just to send in for a virgin oil analysis to see what it looks like. FWIW, the Supertech dino 5w-30 is .84 cents / quart and according to the guy is basically Quaker State dino in a different container.
Oh boy, I wish I had used the search before posting this. My apologies folks. This is like opening up Pandora's box. Admin, moderators, anyone, please remove this thread for me. I already found more than I needed to know about the Supertech oils. I think I'll just go back to being a lurker...I was much better at that. [Duh!] Mikep
I hope we can continue on with the oil. I hope I am not stepping on anyones feet here but I would NEVER use the Supertech oil for 89 cents when next to it is 1.08 Chevron,94 cent Havoline Equillon,near same prices of the Motorcraft,Castrol ect and until I see the 3rd consecutive interval through analysis of the Supertech I will still remain this way. Even a oil burner I would not just for the few penny's saved.Thats about 50 cents over 3-4 months saved. Users of these Supertech oils don't use engine oil analysis so who knows whats going on in there? Especially over time [Eek!] JMHO
mikep, Are you sure that was "FULL SYNTHETIC" for $1.76? My wally-world wants $2.99.IMO, $1.76 is what typeIII oil SHOULD sell for! Mark
MikeP, all of the Champion filter equivilents(Supertech being one of them) of a Motorcraft FL820s are shorter like you noticed. I cut open a used Bosch Premium and compared it to a used FL820S. The cartridge media was noticeably smaller, and the media also had a "fuzzy" appearance to it. Some glue that held the endcaps in place had also leaked and dried over top of the filter media and the anti-drainback valve was stuck in the open position. I also expericed some engine tapping with the Bosch. The Motorcraft also has the bypass valve at the top of the filter to prevent old oil from washing back over the media. I personally am sticking with the Motorcraft, only $2.99 at my local Walmart. -Joe
Originally posted by rugerman1: mikep, Are you sure that was "FULL SYNTHETIC" for $1.76? My wally-world wants $2.99.IMO, $1.76 is what typeIII oil SHOULD sell for! Mark
I'm sure it's a hydrocracked "full" syn but that's what the shelf label said, $1.76. Right next to it was the Supertech Dino oil. Joee12..thx for the info re: filters. Seeing as how the Supertech is another Champion Labs variant, could one presume the design flaws then would be common to all or most filters made by Champion? Or, is it possible that they just apply some "cost cutting" measures when manufacturing the STechs? My interest lies in finding a filter that will flow as much oil as possible and still filter efficiently down to 15 microns. I know the Motorcraft is a well built quality filter and a good bargain but I want to see if I can rid my truck ('01 F150 4.6 ltr) of the cold morning startup knocks. It lasts about 4-5 seconds every morning and is driving me crazy. I'm already using Amsoil 0w-30 so I doubt I can improve much on the cold pumpability which is why I'm looking toward the filter. Currently thinking AC Delco, Wix or Napa Gold. Thx gang for not beating me up on this post. Mikep
The Motorcraft filter, much like any OEM filter, will probably not filter down very efficiently at 15 microns. Most OEM filters are in the 25-30 micron range.
Originally posted by metroplex: mike: which NJ walmart did you go to???? My closest walmart has it for $2.97/qt
Mount Olive, NJ just off rt. 206. Sounds like someone goofed on the shelf pricing. Leads me to believe when it scans at the checkout it would probably show the $2.97. I didn't think Wal-Marts have different pricing , espcially between stores in the same state. I may be back there on Sunday. if so, I'll bring a quart up to the checkout with me to see what it scans at. Mikep
Walmarts should have those self-scan kiosks placed around the store where you can scan your items to see how much they cost. Of course its embarrassing becuase it makes a LOUD BEEP and ppl start staring at you, thinking you're too poor to afford anything [Frown]
Mikep, the Supertech is still a good filter. There are many users here that love them. I actually just put on a K&N(another Champion Filter) on my Acura Integra. I am starting to wonder if the Bosch I got was a "Friday" filter. Patman, the reason I switched back to the Motorcraft was beacuse of some tapping that I experienced with the Bosch. It may not flow as well as the Motorcraft. I plan on trying a K&N on my Explorer next change. -Joe
I think I'll just move to the 701 Schaeffer's blend. It will still be a significant savings over what I'm paying for Amsoil Series 2000 0w-30. Still need to finalize on the filter though. Right now I feel flow is more important than filtering down to 8-10 microns. If the OE Motorcraft is a 20 micron filter as Patman suggests then pretty much any big name filter should do at least that. Now if I can actually get the filter manufacturers to give flow rates for a specific model filter I'd be in biz. Already been turned down via email from Wix, K&N and AC Delco. Pretty much all of them came out and said sorry, we either don't have that info or don't release it. Weird if you ask me. Mikep
YZF150....I the K&N on for two 5,000 mile interval changes but if I recall it was during warmer months when the knock isn't an issue. Pretty sure I did have the problem with the Amsoil filter though since last winter all I used was the Amsoil SDF-11. Maybe I'll try it again. Thx for the reply
Dunno Patman...the oil filter study says the motorcraft aftermarket filters are PurOne cartrides in a Motorcraft spec housing made by Purolator ...... Owning a couple of Ford V8s (and a few GMs) I still feel the Motorcraft is by far the best filter for Fords......I won't use any others on my Fords.... also the position of the bypass valve is Ford spec only on the motorcraft filters.....
Originally posted by Patman: The Motorcraft filter, much like any OEM filter, will probably not filter down very efficiently at 15 microns. Most OEM filters are in the 25-30 micron range.
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The $1.76/qt SuperTech oil could have been their synthetic blend. My local Wal-Marts offer this for somewhere around 2 bucks a quart. But a misprint on the ST 'full' synth for $1.76 is not out of the question either.
the position of the bypass valve is Ford spec only on the motorcraft filters
Not true. Nearly all filters are top-end bypass models, meeting the Ford spec. Only a handful do not.
Mikep, this is a second attempt to contribute to this thread. Last night, January 10, I replied following your post at 9:43pm. There were no problems and the text of my post appeared on the screen. Today, it's completely gone and this thread has been posted to since. What I tried to say was, that you could consider a K&N oil filter. It, like the Mobil1 filter, is made by Champion with a synthetic media. It filters in the 15-18 micron range. Not as filter-efficient as the Mobil1 which filters to 10, but nevertheless better than paper media. Greater flow than its cousin the Mobil1. They cost about $10. Also, the cans and valves on these filters are built like tanks.
I had the same problem. I posted a few things and they were gone today.
Alex, I don't think that has ever been proven that the Ford OEM filters are actually PureONEs. I think it was just that one guy's opinion since they looked similar inside.
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