SuperTech(mobil) or Phillips Trop Artic

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Apr 9, 2004
Minnesota-South Dakota
Which oil is thought/viewed or proven to be superior, current SuperTech (mobil?) or Phillips 66 Trop Artic? SuperTech at $.88/qt is cheap, and Trop Artic at $1.04 is still cheap. So my question. Which one would be better in 5W-30 and/or 10W-30 viscosities?
The rumor about SuperTech being Mobil oil is both unconfirmed and probably meaningless. Even if ExxonMobil is supply base oils and/or a blended oil to WalMart, that does not mean that it is the same thing as their own branded oils. Some of the dino oils which have pretty consistently turned in good numbers include Chevron Supreme/Texaco Havoline, Pennzoil and Castrol GTX. I've personally had one very good UOA from Valvoline Maxlife. John
John we were talking about this the other day and the only P66 10W-30 VOA I could find had a robust add package and a TBN of 13. I guess someone will have to be the Guinea Pig and run it for a UOA. To jthorner's list add Motorcraft. Gene
I use ST because I get the $11+ service @ WM. I've repeatedly asked whether all of the Conoco/Phillips stuff was identical. Apparently not since Conoco is getting bettery reports than Kendall. My guess would be that the Trop Artic at that price would be worth the extra dollar or so per oil change over ST. I'm not sure what the ST oil's base was before using Mobil basestock. Warren is getting their base stocks and additives from major suppliers and doing the blending so for all I know they've been using Mobil all along, or they may have changed suppliers three or four times since getting the WM contract. Warren also has the contract for Sears Sprectrum for whatever that's worth.
Thans for the help. I think I will return the ST and get some Trop Artic, for only a difference of $.16/qt. That's only $.80/5qts. The one WalMart just didn't have TA, so I settled. An exchange is in order. And the TA with a TBN of 13, well that is great! More opinions...or a beter way to change th oil for ~$5.00? Thanks!!
DS dont read to much into the TBN because some oils start low and hold up better and some start high but degrade faster. It has to do with the quality of the basestocks and additive packagfe. Still the TBN is unusual for a Dino 10W-30 PCMO. It is about what we expect in a High Quality Dino HDEO 15W-40 but unusual for a Dino PCMO. Still I wouldn't be afraid of the P66. Someone has to try it. How about ordering a free analysis kit from Blackstone (Top of Forum Page) and getting a UOA when you drain the oil including TBN (For $35.00 you can get it + a Tery Dyson Interpretation of the results). This will tell you how the oil held up and whether it is a good choice for your car and drains. Gene
I have two sample kits from them. They have been excellent at sending them! The analysis has been very valuable for me. Even the ase interpretation was very helpful. Then, they also helped with a few questions I had via email and phone. It sure can be interesting knowing the in depth report from a product that goes to vital places in an engine that just can't be accessed or even understood.
My vote is for the Phillips Trop-Artic. We have very little info on this board for Trop-Artic, but it comes from a company with expertise in motor oils & industrial lubricants.
Warren also has the contract for Sears Sprectrum for whatever that's worth.
Warren Oil Co. is the supplier for Sears oil, while Warren Distribution (Warren Performance Products & Mag oils) is the current Supertech blender.
The Phillips Trop Artic Turbo 10w-30 is the one with the high TBN . Last years product data sheet spoke of cleanliness of a diesel oil in a lower viscosity oil but since has been changed . The plain Trop Artic was a good GF3 oil with a weak looking additive pack till this year . To know if your getting the new formula the 5w-30 will say it's made of group II on the label . Prior the plain Trop Artic did not use moly but I kinda have an idea it does these days .
Motorbike did there used to be only one version of this oil? The only version I remember seeing is the one that used to say "Turbo Approved" on the label. Maybe old age and confusion is catching up with me. Gene
I went with the Trop Artic. Thanks for the advice! It is 5W-30 and does comment about the special additive package. It says it utilizes premium Group II base stocks, so it is the new formula! The engine actually runs very well. I am pleasantly surprised. It seems peppier than previously, too! We'll see how it does. Thanks for the comments and advice, it really helped me make a wise decision, and the cost difference from the SuperTech was $.85 total! Any more comments or info about Phillips Trop Artic?
Why not just wait until oil goes on sale? I've seen Pennzoil, Havoline, Quaker State and others go on sale for $0.69/quart at Checkers often. I try to keep an extra case on hand so I know I'll have enough oil to tide me over until their next sale.
"Warren Oil Co. is the supplier for Sears oil, while Warren Distribution (Warren Performance Products & Mag oils) is the current Supertech blender." FWIW== I was at Sears and it's WPP like WM and not Warren Oil like Advance (formerly Coastal).
Csandste - If it has a Warren WPP "tattoo" on the bottom of the bottle, that's proof enough for me. I stand corrected.
I'm surprised there isn't more information about Trop-Artic out there. Conoco and Phillps recently merged and together they are one of the largest refiners in the US.
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