Supertech 15-40


fordhead, I've run all the Supertech oils in my beater/daily driver jaguar w/ the AJ 6 engine with no adverse effects and it now shows 213K on the clock. I ran the 15/40 last fall for a 3K interval and had no issues with it. The AJ6 however, is easy on oil - huge 2+ gallon sump, big oil cooler, big filter, and the engine does not strain much, so I could probably run corn oil for 3K without damaging it .... I would use the supertech 15/40 in it this Spring, except I am going to play with the Mystik 15/50. The only supertech I've had any issue with is the 5/30, which at 2.8K has now seemed to thin a bit, consistent with an analysis that was posted, but maybe I was ambitious putting this in an engine with so many miles on it. Despite the apparent good luck I've had in my beater, I DON'T run Supertech in my wife's jag, my other jag, or our other cars and trucks - I prefer to spend a bit more on them ... Win


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Originally posted by Gene K: At on time I read the SuperTech was re-branded Pennzoil. I'm not sure how accurate that info was and that was a few years ago.
It's now made by a division of Quaker State. But it's not the same oil.