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Jan 12, 2004
Hey everyone! I've looked here for a good while now but can't find anything on dino supertech SL rated 10w40 oil. I noticed it was mentioned a couple times that supertech 5w30 has moly but 10w30 doesn't..? so my main question is if anyone knows if the 10w40 has moly, or if there's really any difference in the additives between the 5w30 (which I foud a virgin oil analysis on) and the 10w40? I'm thinking of using this in my truck, since it's only driven maybe twice a week an average of 10 miles a trip. (it's a toyota 4x4 3.0 V6 with 183k) I've seen where quite a few have said it is thicker than other oil.. it gets down to 20 here at night sometimes. Even though it may be a little thicker, would it be too thick for a cold crank in 20F? thanks for any input, this site is great [Smile]
I would just go with the Chevron 10w30, sounds like a top performer from this group. If that's not available go with the Havoline 10w30, 20 degrees F is not that cold for this weight.
I seriously doubt you would have trouble cranking the motor even at 0 degrees with any conventional 10w-40 but what are you trying to accomplish with this? An inexpensive 10w-40 oil will almost certainly shear down to a 30 weight in a short time frame. Is there a consumption or leaking issue? 183K is not a lot of miles for your engine. [Cheers!] [Patriot]
"I seriously doubt you would have trouble cranking the motor even at 0 degrees with any conventional 10w-40 but what are you trying to accomplish with this?" I've always used 10w40 in it, but last oil change I put in valvoline 10w30 thinking it should flow a little better at cold temperatures and maybe give me a little better mpg. Once the truck warms up it leaks out somewhere enough that I can smell burning oil. I never had this problem with 10w40, so that's why I have to go back to it. In the last 3 and 1/2 months I've only driven it a little over 300 miles but feel the need, if nothing more than for peace of mind, to change the oil every 4 months at most. So considering the oil wouldn't even see 1000 miles or more than 4 months, supertech looks pretty good... I'd still like to know if it has moly or not though, hmm.. maybe it's only in the 5w30 because it's thinner and needs it to help protect the engine? If it's not in the 10w30 I doubt it's in the 10w40 [I dont know] Anyway, thanks for the replies.. catcha guys later [Cheers!]
If were limited to SuperTech, I'd stay with the 5W-30 until hot weather anyway. You know it looks to have a good additive package and the pumpability might out-weigh any film-thickness the 40 wt. might have. I personally don't like conventional 10W-40 regardless of brand or price. [SPAZ!] Revisit the issue this Summer if you are hauling heavy loads or are having consumption problems.
might there be a site by the maker of supertech oil that I could find out info on?
The 1999 formulation (SJ?) Supertech 10w40 actually helped the oozy seals on my POS 1982 cadillac cimarron. Went from going through a quart per 100 miles to one in 800. It stuck with later changes to ST 10w30 too... The car was baaaad at first, if you got off the highway and stopped with a tailwind you could see the oil burning on the manifold through the crease around the hood. Previous owner believed in "dynamic changing" I.E. since he added enough it never needed changing. First new filter in 14k miles along with a complete change started setting things right.
come to think of it I used havoline 10w30 a couple years back one winter when that's what I had in stock left over from another car, I don't remember it doing this with that oil.. I had Castrol GTX 10w40 in there the night I changed over to the valvoline 10w30 (it was on sale, but after reading up on this site more I wouldn't use it again anyway) the Castrol had been in there over the summer for exactly 3 months and 1,1xx miles. after draining it, I let it sit for probably 30 min's and I think it was in the 40's that night.. by the time I got around to draining it into a container that stuff was THICK! course I normally get around to draining it no more than 15 min's after letting it sit so I guess that probably had something to do with it, but that's the thickest 10w40 I've had in there so far. It even seemed thicker draining out of my truck. alright I'll try supertech this time and let you all know what I think of it.. I guess it can't be too much better than valvoline if any but for the price it's worth a shot [crushedcar]
I've not used Valvoline in many years. In 10-40 it wouldn't stay with my engine. Going to Castrol slowed the consumption considerably. Sorry I can't answer the Supertech question, but I'm not surprized at your experience. This experience might be related more to Valvoline rather than the grade.
good link, interesting that this oil gets packaged under more names than just supertech.. it'd me nice if every site would post the additives they use, I've yet to find one that does..
It's also Sears Spectrum. This is a blending house, so the additives come from one of the major players. Add levels can be discerned (sort of-- I think there's high variation in the labs) by looking at UOA's and VOA's. I've always been afraid of dino 10w40, but my daughter's old Camry runs through the thinner stuff so I might give it a try. Probably no more viscoscity improvers in it than in the typical 5w30-- a weight I kind of like in my car. [ January 20, 2004, 01:07 PM: Message edited by: csandste ]
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