Supertech 10W-30 or 10W-40

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Nov 17, 2003
Warm weather here in West Texas is about 2 months away -- I run Chevron 10W-30 in my 96 Camry right now but it is getting harder to find at the local Wallyworld - anyone have any opinion about Supertech 10W-40. I am running a Supertech filter right now. Thanks.
I would stay away from this oil. Its pretty anemic even though it seems to give good results. I'd go with Chevron Supreme or Delvac 1300, or Deki 400 (IMHO). You could go with a 50/50 mix of 10W-30/10W-40.
Heck go with the supertech oil. It really doesnt matter what brand you use for oil as long as you change it at specified intervals. I know people who change their oil every 3 grand. They use havoline oil and fram filters and have been doing this for 30 years with out any major engine problems. They run this combo in everything from their cars to 1 ton trucks. I have no complaints with supertech oil. I use it in lots of equipment and vehicles, i just change it when it is due.
Does your Walmart stock Havoline? It's essentially the same as Chevron for a few pennies more. This way you don't have to change anything but the name on the bottle! [Smile]
I'd say "Go with Curtain #3," Havoline oil, the sister oil to Chevron. I'd stay away from 10w-40 for your '96 Camry unless the manual suggests that weight is appropriate. Due to the high polymer content traditionally required to achieve that weight spread, this oil is more suseptible to shearing and sludge in late model engines. With certain Toyota engines, this can be a problem, as I'm sure you know. Assuming your manual suggests that 10w-30 is the oil of choice for hot weather (speculation on my part), I'd suggest Havoline 10w-30. It's almost identical to Chevron, their spec sheet numbers are all identical, and I suspect it's readily available across the country at discount and rebate prices. Also, if your particular engine is one of the sludge-prone models, you'd probably do well to shorten your oil change intervals some significant amount below the manual's guidelines, whatever those might be. [ February 16, 2004, 08:27 PM: Message edited by: TC ]
Went to local Wallyworld tonight -- they have Havoline on clearance for $1/quart. Stock guy in the automotive aisle said that they want to get rid of all the old stock of Havoline since they are getting a change of display for all the oils. Wallyworld going to a single brand like the FRAM aisle?
Wal-marts around here NE ohio... carry fram, motorcraft, and supertech oil filters... Also alot of oils. I used to get mobil 1 5qt jugs there because they were 17$ (syn) and chevron supreme for 1.06 They stopped carrying chevron [Frown] I am sorta trying to boycott wal-mart.. but i still make a trip ever once and a while. Oh and a reply to the orginal topic. I would avoid the supertech oil. There is so much better oil for a mere 20C or so a qt more. Rand
I used SuperTech 5W-30 oil for break-in on a new engine after the first 600 miles last year and posted the UOA for feedback. A lot was made of how it sheared back to nearly 20 weight and that it wasn't fit for lawnmower use. [Roll Eyes] The funny thing is that reports of other brand conventional 5W-30s show identical, or nearly so, shearing, so I'm at a loss to understand the negative comments heaped on SuperTech specifically. I'm now using 10W-30 year 'round (that's always been my preferred viscosity range), and my current stock is Chevron Supreme. Why not SuperTech? 'Cause I found the Chevron Supreme for 68 cents a quart on closeout at Target... Chevron-made Havoline is an excellent alternative as others have pointed out. Add my name to the list of satisfied SuperTech oil filter users, too.
Do you have Costco in your area? Around here they stock Chevron Supreme is several weights by the case as well as case packs of four 1 gallon Delo bottles. I would personally not buy SuperTech oil. For one thing, you never really are going to know what you are getting as WalMart could change suppliers anytime they feel like it. John
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