Superplug Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

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Dec 2, 2002
Washington St.
One of the supporters of this site offers magnetic plugs in certain sizes. Note that a standard magnet won't do as well--it loses part of it's magnetic force in the heat. The neobium magnet retains much more magnetism in the heat. If you need a super magnet plug with 3/4-16 threads, let me know--I've got one extra. Ken [ January 05, 2003, 03:44 PM: Message edited by: Ken2 ]
I can't say they are worth the price, but I use the Superplug in 2 of my vehicles. They are well made and they have a large, strong magnet. Everytime I change the oil the magnet is covered with a very fine metal "sludge". I don't know wether or not this stuff would get caught in the oil filter. The Superplug certainly can't hurt anything but your wallet. I like having a strong magnet in the bottom of my oil pan.
Does anyone have any experience or opinions with the Superplug? I visited their website after reading about them in a forum and was impressed with the product claims, but choked on the 30$ (with S&H) price. Intuitively we all know that magnetically trapped metal parts is good, but is there justification to spend $30 for a magnetic oil drain plug? Does any other company make these?
I have magnets around my oil filter and a 3" magnet on my oil drain plug. The ones on my filter trap particles that are obviously bigger than the black sludge on the drain plug. I think this black sludge is very fine metal that gets through the filter.
I have a 1972 Porsche 911S that came stock with a magnetic drain plug (actually two due to the dry sump). There's always a minute amount of metal dust on them when I change the oil but the only time I ever saw anything significant on them was when I spun a bearing while autocrossing. Ouch$$!!
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