Supermarket tomatillo salsa

Apr 27, 2010
Suburban Washington DC
Anybody have a favorite? Been using this one and like it,


Tried this one on sale, not so much. Hotter than I like, although it does say Medium,


Any other brands you like. And no, I'm not making my own.
Frontera is good stuff. A product from Rick Bayless on PBS. Another one is Gilly Loco Tomatillo salsa. It's a smaller company not sure how widespread sales are.
I use the Herdez to make a southwestern style chicken and hominy soup. Tried many others and the Herdez is always my go to. Prefer their salsa casera for chips.

Trader Joe's salsa verde is decent as well but I rarely shop there.
Best to find a local Mexican market, they always make all kinds of salsas. ;)
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made my own a few times... right now i'm being lazy.. I actually planted Tomatillos this year, ended up with about 5 lbs from 4 plants.... all of which are currently frozen waiting for me to not be lazy and make a batch...
I use Alton Brown's recipe:
Mrs Renfro's. Used to be able to get it in walmart. Haven't bought in a while because no one here likes green salsa as much as red.

Or take a road trip to New Mexico and get the real stuff.

Do you have a Super Mercado close by?
Our local Mercado. :)
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