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Apr 18, 2004
Boynton Beach FL.
[Razz] With posts like this: Were not talking about the “new” tri-synthetic of a year ago but the “new new” tri-synthetic of last month that has an API SL rating on the bottle. As you can see from the TGA graph it is much more volatile than the "new" formula that was announced over a year ago. What's interesting is how there is nothing on the bottle to suggest a formulation change.This and the new formula in Castrol Syntec just in the last year I wondered if they did it to raise the bar to compete with the likes of AMSOIL & SCHAEFFER. [Confused]
[Smile] OK so I read things that may not be true and pass it on to see if I could find any rebutal.I think the whole oil thing is like who makes better oil GC or Syntec. The answer is both. What most of us non Chemist types are wanting to know is it better and why. The additive package the Grp.v base and how much better. We want a product that you can drive to work hard in and out of traffic and beat it to death in the mud or at the strip on the weekend. Will hold up for 5000 or 10000 miles and feel good that were using the right product for our type vehicle and driving style.I for one don't care if Castrol Syntec is not a PAO or true Synthetic. If the UOA tells me this oil is holding up as well as RL or M1 its the outcome that counts.Many on this board are partial and thats OK but I think that distracts from the purpose and that ie the TRUTH. [Duh!]
I don't think we are sure what you are trying to say here??? Bob has said that base stock is not the end all/be all (paraphrase). It's the total package chemistry. Checking the board is useful, but only uoa will really tell you for sure what's working for you. I plan to do a Syntec uoa in the future, but it will be a few months away. If your're like me and think some oils aren't getting a fair shake, then uoa and submit the results.
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