Supercharged 4.6, oil recommendation?

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Apr 17, 2004
Texas Hill Country
I have a 96 Tbird with a vortech supercharged 4.6L 99 Mustang GT motor, and ported heads, etc, etc. The car is only in service in the hot summer, so cold weather starts is a non issue. I am not going to run 5w30 or 5w20 in this motor. The previous owner went with a 10w30 mobil 1, but I thought that was a little too thin. I sent a sample to blackstone just now, and I changed the oil to 4 quarts of mobil1 10w30, and 1.5 quarts of mobil1 15w50. The car is driven hard on the street and is a toy pretty much. It sees pretty much zero time on a track though. Thanks, Justin
I dont see any issues with the Mobil1 10w-30 weight , it'd be interesting to see the UOA results, I bet they will be good results. Its a stable oil viscosity. If you want to go thicker try the Mobil1 SUV formula or the Mobil1 Delvac to get a 40 weight. I'd also recommend going with something like Redline's 5w-40 or 10w-40 weight, I'd like to see how that compares to your Mobil1 sample. This oil is a lot more money than the Mobil1 though, not sure if you'd see a whole lot of difference for the extra cost. Depends on how much you're willing to spend. good luck , let us know the UOA results when you get them.
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