Super Tech 5W30 Freezer Test

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Jul 13, 2003
I bought some ST 5W30 today and set in the freezer(temps close to zero)for about 4 hours. Popped the cap and it poured out just fine.A slight haze in the normal golden color.Better then the Chevron 10W30 I tried,much better. [Smile] I am going to be using ST 5W30 in my 02 Sienna(aka oil death)and an 99 Corolla with ST oil filters.I was a little apprehensive about the cold pouring performance but it did just fine! [Happy]
ST 5-30 worked for me in my truck last winter-- not my daily driver but I had to start it at -23'F (and I cringed.) Didn't make any funny noises.
Notice a significant mileage improvement change in moving from ST 10w30 to 5w30. Might just keep it in place for nine months out of the year. The VOA showed the 5w30 to have moly, the 10w30 doesn't. That's probably the case in many dinos.
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