Super Tech 15w40 for wet clutch?

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May 19, 2014
Ice Box of the Nation
Hey Guys, Ive got a Honda Rancher 350 that has a wet clutch setup. Ive been using Rotella 15w40 with great results but I got a pile of free Super Tech 15w40. No mention of JASO...but wondering if this would be wet clutch safe?
It's good oil. I use it in many, many engines and also i have a Rancher. I have used this oil in all of my wet clutch bikes. No worries with this oil. Your clutch will be happy.
I've switched my Honda's over from 5/40 and do notice starting is slower in frigid temps...otherwise it's a nice oil. FWIW: been running ebay Hi-Flo filters x2, they look perfect at replacement.
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