"Super Suppers" has anyone else tried this?

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Jan 1, 2006
I just got one of these in my area, and it seems like it would be such great fun! I don't have a family myself, but I can definitely see why this would be appealing to some folks with a big crowd of mouths to feed and not a lot of time. I'm planning on going with a few friends just to try it out sometime in the near future; I'll let you know how it goes...

Considering I get food poisoning from most restaurants, I suppose I'd get super food poisoning from Super Suppers.
But you get to cook it yourself with other people! Cmon, doesn't that sound like fun? You would have no one to blame but yourself anyway if you focked something up.
Plus, you don't have anything to clean afterwards! (Unless you get super food poisoning, of course...)
Finally the recognition I deserve!

Speaking of super food poisoning, I've had the second worst kind there is. I got an enterititis from it and was losing every meal at both ends for several weeks. Bloody, explosive diarrhea isn't fun and makes the body really weak. Keeping myself hydrated was a task. I couldn't leave the house for over two months.

When I eat out these days, which happens rarely, I do keep samples of suspicious food in small ZipLoc bags and keep them in my freezer until I'm in the clear. A lawyer recommended that practice to me.
I used to have an iron stomach and intestine until the "incident" occurred. Since then, travelling has indeed become a bit unsettling.

By the way, I had not once in my live gotten food poisoning until I came to the US. During my college days I got sick almost every week from a tainted lunch. I think it's mostly caused by poor food handling practices.

Maybe Mrs. Mori is trying to poison you ??

I suspect she's ripping hair out of my scalp at night...

The food poisoning happens when we eat out. At home, I cook about 75% of all meals. I never get sick from homecooked meals.

My system is more sensitive than before due to the heart/liver failure I have. I've done a little reading about the digestive process and am wondering if you have as well, specifically, good and bad bacteria in the gut (as I've seen it called). The need for balance. Might be worth a look.

That sensitivity sure takes some pleasure out of going to dinner with friends, I'd think. I wish you the best of luck in finding relief. Potential problems with food led me to taking the full series of hepatitis vaccine series.

I avoid buffets for the reason you describe, and known "bad" restaurants (famous greasy spoons). Certain types of food as well.

Thanks for the doggy bag tip.
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