super high capacity battery packs

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Mar 21, 2004
Near the beach in Delaware
There is a company on the internet that rebuilds batteries. That does not seem to be a good deal as they are almost the same price as I can get them new. However they will also rebuild them with super high capacity batteries giving (I think) 50% more AH. True they do cost more. I wonder if they are heavier? Has anyone tried one. I was going to do it with a Dewalt battery, but seems I lost it somehow. Amazon has some new but "not in consumer packaging" for a decent price.
rate capability and Ah capacity are inverse. I wouldnt want to use a high energy bias cell for a tool requiring high power. That's degradation and a fire waiting to happen. Lots of Li-ion fires from fly by night builders.
I've had packs rebuilt before, for higher quality stuff. Seems to me the rebuilt always lasts longer than the original. That said, there is something to be said for 'you get what you pay for'. Early on, I was working with a rebuilder that was just down the street from me. He'd recommend going with a certain capacity cell. You could try emailing the pack rebuilder to see if he has any recommendations for longevity, or what ever you're looking for. In any case, the chemistries have changed over the years, Li-Po are very lightweight, so now I really have to ask myself if I want to have a NiCd pack rebuilt.
I replaced NiCads with NiMh cells, double the capacity. What a mistake. They did not perform well for long. The rebuilder claimed they were the best thing since sliced bread. Come to find out, the batteries were not suited for power drill use, pulling out hundreds of aircraft screws. They did not operate longer under my normal conditions and they failed after 2 months. I took them apart and the cells were the high quality ones he claimed. They were expensive on eeebay too.
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