Suitable Drag Race Oil?

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Dec 1, 2002
Michigan, USA
The last couple of seasons I have used Royal Purple Racing 21 in my Trans Am. I am thinking this year of using Mobil 1 0-30 weight. I don't scream the engine, in fact it hardly ever sees 6500 either at shift points or through the traps. Anyone here wanna help me with this? Stay with RP, switch to M1 or something else? Kindly include a reason for your opinion and THANKS! I have nothing against RP but the cost. Kevin
Good to see you haven't disappeared off the face of the earth Kevin! I think you'd be better off staying with the RP racing oil, or Redline, instead of going with 0w30 Mobil 1. Mobil 1 doesn't have a strong enough HTHS for that engine, especially if you run nitrous on it like I know you've got planned. [Wink]
Okay Pattyman... You talked me into it!! Actually I started using the juice last year. Little bitty 50 hits and all on an RPM on/off switch. I'm removing the 4.56 gears and reinstalling the 4.10 gears on a poor mans spool (Spiders welded). Gonna see some 10.8X's or faster this year on a 150 shot. HInk
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