Suitabilty of SuperTech ATF for '97 Dodge Dakota

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Jun 9, 2009
At Wal-mart, I note that SuperTech offers - along w/ its long line of "discount" motor oils (which I've used for years) - a line of ATF. The one I saw is simply "SuperTech Automatic Transmission Fluid". It unfortunately lists no particular restrictions as to what makes/models it should be used for vs. which ones it should not be used for.

On the front of the jug, it says (and this is similar to what the similar Pennzoil jug says, as noted by another member on this forum; see Lococrazy's post on 6/8/09) is:

For use in vehicles previously serviceable by DEXRON-III and MERCON Brands

On the back of the jug, it adds:

• Suitable for use in vehicles requiring Dexron-II, Dexron-III and Mercon fluids.

• Do not use this [product in GM vehicles after model year 2005 and Ford vehicles after model year 2006.

• Do not use this product in transmissions that specify Ford Type F, Mercon V fluids or BM Dexron-VI fluid.

In my Owner's Manual, it specifies:

"Chrysler Automatic Transmission Fluid identified as ATF+2 or ATF+2 Type 7176"

Unfortunately, nowhere on the SuperTech jug do I read "ATF+2".

With all this in mind, are there any thoughts on the suitability of the SuperTech ATF I'm, describing for my '97 Dakota? I'd really like to use this if it won't prove fatal.
Walmart's ATF is a unlicensed copy of Dexron III Mercon, which is a completely different spec than the Chrysler ATF that your Dakota needs. You'd be better off to find some aftermarket ATF+3 or ATF+4. (I can't remember which is the spec that they sell at walmart, but I know they have one of 'em.)
ST ATF+4 is decent stuff. Used it in a friend's Town&Country with good results.

I wouldn't let the ST ATF spec'd for Dex/Merc anywhere near a Chrysler vehicle.

Look again for the ATF+4.
Originally Posted By: sciphi
ST ATF+4 is decent stuff. Used it in a friend's Town&Country with good results.

I wouldn't let the ST ATF spec'd for Dex/Merc anywhere near a Chrysler vehicle.

Look again for the ATF+4.


The ST ATF+4 is 3.77 a quart which is only about a dollar more than their regular ATF. Using anything other than ATF+4 in a Chrysler is asking for trouble IMO.
I have used the ST ATF+4 on several Jeep TJ's with good results. Flushed both of them near 50K. Shifts improved dramatically.
the atf you are refering to is not what you want (as others have said).

you want the supertech labeled atf+4. i have used it with good results in the family minivan. mike

p.s. supertech makes 3 or 4 different atf's. the atf+4 is made under the chrysler specifications per licensing. there regular atf as you refered to is designed to make transmissions (which take merc dextron 3) happy.
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I've used ST ATF+4 in my Dodge Dakota. Seems to do alright. I'm really surprised that your WM doesn't have it.
Like another poster stated, they label several different types. (Notice I said label, not manufacture) A few days ago I bought some ST type "F" for an old Mercury I have.
Talk to the store manager and ask if they have +4.
ATF+4 is way more critical in the FWD transaxles and is a higher quality fluid than the Dex/Merc you are looking at using. I would not use that fluid for more than a flush for a short run in your RWD truck. The correct (and better) fluid is only a dollar more per qt. in the same brand.
+1 on the ATF+4. WalMart has Supertech ATF+4 which is licensed and has worked great in our Jeep which likely has the same trans as your Dakota (probably a 42RE.) WalMart also carries the actual Mopar ATF+4 which is a dollar or so more a quart. Don't put DexIII in your Dakota.

Andrew S.
I appreciate all replies to my post - very informative.

Several of you support the use of ST ATF +4 for my application. I gather that those of you are referring to a 1-gallon container (vs. 4 1-qt. bottles). If this is the case, can someone PLEASE provide a UPC or identifying number from the container so that I can have my local Wal-mart get this from its supplier? (They requested this.)

The container size for the "SuperTech Automatic Transmission Fluid" I described in my initial post (fluid that's inappropriate) was a 1-gallon container. I presume the same's available for the ATF +4.
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