Suggest an oil for an old Buick.

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Jan 20, 2004
Haven't been keeping up here much any more, so I thought I'd throw a line out and see what people think. My 89 Park avenue has 237,000 miles on it which means that the engine and tranny are just about to turn 300k.(swapped from my totaled 278k lesabre ) It's a 3800 V6 of course. Here's a couple UOAs from a while back. I replaced the timing chain about 10k miles ago, other then that nothing has been done to the engine.

I drive 40 miles one way to work every day, plus we've been taking my car around town lately. My drive is 70mph with stop lights the whole way.

I used to run Chevron, since it was so cheap, but now that deal is gone. Wal-mart also stopped carying Havoline, so I'm unsure what to go with. What do you guys think?
If you are looking for a cheap dino I went by Wally World earlier today and saw SuperTech dino was down to $9.50 a 5qt jug.

If you are looking for something "better", however you define that, you can go with Valvoline Maxlife SynBlend, or Maxlife Full Synthetic.

Depends on what you want to spend and how long you really want to keep your intervals between changes.
That's a great engine. I've got one in a 92 Silhouette with 252k, still running strong.

I've always used either Rotella 15w40 or QS 10w30 most of its life. In the last couple of years though, I put most anything in it. Whatever I get the best buy on.

What color of plastic oil bottle or jug do you like best? :)
I ran 10W30 Yellow Bottle in my 87 Century with the same engine for many years w/o issue. I'd probably still have the car if it wasn't hit.
I'd certainly like to change the oil less, but my experience is that at least during winter fuel and water dilution creep up. During the UOAs I posted I was using Lube control, but I don't have any currently. I like to keep it cheap too, not sure about Supertech but I am currently using supertech Dex VI in the tranny.

What advantage do the high mileage oils have? Last time I checked they seemed to be mostly gimicky.

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With my 88 Buick, I just kept Mobil 1 5w30 in it. It leaked and needed a quart once a month... so it changed itself!!!

Changed the filter once a year haha
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