Subaru Tribecca commercial

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
Well, Kansas is laughing all the way to the bank! If I hear/see that comercial 1 more time, I may bomb my TV. The vehicle looks like **** and the marketing is soo dumb I'm in awe.
U G L Y!

Period. Case closed..

Really wondering what they are trying to do with that car. Notice on the TV, They show the front once or twice compaired to the rear about 10 times..

They know..

For me, it's not so much the car. Granted, it's ugly, but I've heard Dust in the Wind now so many times I'm beginning to think I really am in Kansas!
I must say I love the Tribeca commercials I've seen. Sadly the vehicle is so ugly even the designers probably hate it. I bet Bill's right. I bet they do know.

To bad about the Subaru styling department. It looked like they were headed into the mainsteam but instead they veered off the road and burst into flames...
Because car manufacturers have always known that while any new model that comes out is always a gamble, ie the Edsel, if you price it low enough, some fools out there will always buy it like the Honda Element, Pontiac Aztec, Toyota Scion meatwagen, etc... I recall even though the domestic cars of the 70's suffered in quality and aesthetics,(ie.,AMC Gremlin and Pacer!)the crap import econoboxes that the japanese hit us with, costing under $2k, with 12"wheels (!) on the Honda Civic rollerskate and the Datsuns literally rusting out right from under you in under a year, didn't stop droves of lemmings from buying like there was no tomorrow. Diahatsu and Yugo forever!
Uhhh nobody bought the Aztec and the Scion is at least cool in a youthfull way. Even priced low there is no reason it has to be ugly man. There is only one reason the car is ugly it was designed to be ugly. The Tribeca is similar in price to the MDX fully loaded. Look VW can make cars in the low 20's that are pettier than ANY American car at ANY price. Price is not an excuse to be ugly. You stiull have to do design, R&D. focus groups, clay mock ups, new hardware needs to be developed for the new machining etc... Making it pretty does not cost more. It must be that beauty in the eye thing...

Actually I have seen concepts of Subaru roadsters and the like with the new front end and it was quite nice. I think heya re trying to carry a theme as all the new models will be having theat new front end. Look at the 06 STI for example.

Problem is they put thier worst foot forward first in my mind. They should have done the STI first then the Tribeca.

The Porsche Cayane or what ever was Uber ugly but it has grown on most. The new Chris Bangle 5 and 7 series acars and the new Audi Front end are hideous. It would seem everybody wants to break out of the 90's "Hi I am a vanilla styled car too" and trying something new. The Rendezvous is the most hideous car ever. well it is American so they have an excuse. Americans do no tknow how to build a good looking car. Never have never will. and Don't mention the ugly turd, the solstice that will fail too btw... I mena really, is it THAT hard to put european styuled sheet metal on a car? I think it is due to old leadership at the companies my self. VW makes stunning acrs at thier price point. No excuse except they do not know how. Subaru has always been quirky in styling and mised the mark a bit here I fear as well.

Ugly or vanilla styling is in vogue it would seem. If only "they" would just realze stlye and those 2 things are not mutually exclusive. I just don't get it man.
Amen to the Rendezvous being the ugliest thing on the road.

Subaru is just trying to find a corporate identity of its own, like Audi and BMW. One also has to wonder if this look plays better in Japan, as different cultures have different ideas about beauty and style. Not an excuse, but the Japanese in particular have an affinity for things that are "cute" in an ugly puppy dog way. I think it's called "infantilism." Not to worry, there will be a handsome SAAB version soon enough.
Subaru has gone off the deep end. The funny thing is in the ad SUVs are supposed to be "dust in the wind" while they are advertising another SUV. The edsel wana be styling should be no surprise to anybody. Just look at the impreze. Lets review.




2005 (SAABARU!!!!!)


This thing gets more face lifts than joan rivers on a binge.
I saw a tribeca yesterday, one ugly SUV, must have tapped it with the same ugly stick as the deisgner of the Murano used LOL

Yes, Subaru, how many years can ya keep using the same body and paste ugly plastic cladding on them and charge a ridiculous price for your cars, no wonder they only sell about 180,000 cars a year total.
I think Subaru buyers are a very loyal bunch, they will always be willing to pay 25 grand on a 4 cylinder with all wheel drive that gets 20 MPG and be happy with it because it lasts a long time. I think you can get a honda or toyota midsize with a V6 for what Subaru wants for an ugly 4 cylinder.
Project manager on the Tribeca was a former Alfa exec. Front is not bad to those used to low-end Euros, the ones we don't get here like Citroen, Peugot etc. I like the Element, Gremlin, new Audi grille, Bangles and Scion Tc.

Originally posted by VNT:
I saw a tribeca yesterday, one ugly SUV, must have tapped it with the same ugly stick as the deisgner of the Murano used LOL [snip]

"Tapped" with the ugly stick? Dude, that thing fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.
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