Subaru specs 5.1 quarts per change.....

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Jul 13, 2005
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How important is that .1 quart? 2014 Crosstrek....hasn't burned a drop in 23k....found a 5 quart jug of QS Ultra Durability 0w20 for 17 bucks....of course it is in a 5 quart jug So will my engine miss that .1?
You can safely round down to 5 quarts. In cars that call for odd amounts like that, I tend to round a bit. Like 901Memphis said, as long as it's between the Low/Full marks (or just a hair over), it'll be fine. For instance, on my Firebird it calls for 4.6 quarts, but I put in 4.5. My mom's old 2003 Malibu used to call for 4.6 also, and I'd use 5 quarts when using an oversized filter. If I used the regular sized filter, I'd use 4.5 quarts or so. I may end up doing the same in the Firebird if I continue to use oversized filters on it. It would usually bring it up to just a little bit above the full mark.
Japanese work in metric!try to make sure the liter count is converted to quart properly .otherwise you ll end up with the wrong quantity o. oil
My Outback calls for 5.1 quarts also. Every oil change, I just use the 5 quart jug. Every time, it is filled to the fill line on the dip stick. It is a mystery to me why the state 5.1 quarts.
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Doesn't make a difference. My cars calls for 3.8 quarts, I throw in 4.
My car calls for 4.5 quarts, I throw in 5. Sets exactly on the full line too.
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My Outback calls for 6.9Qts, I fill with 7Qts.
Man you like living your life dangerously don't you. grin2
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BlueGoose, 1800+ posts and you ask this question?
You caught me in a weak moment smile Thanks peeps, I figured as much. Never hurts to double check wink
As long as you are in the cross hatch area you are fine. I like it to be to full line though, for peace of mind but your car wont miss it. My Accord calls for 4.5 quarts with filter. I used 5 quarts this previous OCI. Shows over the full mark and its fine.
If Subaru wanted you to be exact about your oil level, they would engineer a dipstick capable of an accurate reading.
Subaru wants you to buy a 6th quart for when it burns a quart after 900 miles (I think they fixed that problem with the FB) smile
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How important is that .1 quart? 2014 Crosstrek....hasn't burned a drop in 23k.... So will my engine miss that .1?
Most dipstick "L to F" ranges are 1" = 1 .1qt = .1" Can you even eyeball .1" inch on the dipstick in an engine that's not burning even a drop?!?!
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I'm gonna be honest, when I change the oil on a car I've done before, I don't even check the dipstick. My grandmas Trailblazer gets 7 quarts, grandpas Cherokee gets 6, my old Chevy truck with a 350 got 5, and my Camry gets 4
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