Strange Brew

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Jun 30, 2004
Speedway, IN
Here's one that will make some [Eek!] and even have the elves after me. My '93 Caprice was due for a change and I had a hodge-podge of quarts I wanted to use up. So in my melting pot, I combined the following tonight: 1 qt GC 1 qt Red Line 20W-50 1 qt Valvoline DuraBlend 5W-30 1 qt Trop Artic 20W-50 1 qt Trop Artic 10W-30 Sythetic Blend (SL) I heard the elves scream for mercy as I poured the green elixir down the funnel. For some reason there's a strange green cloud circling my car. [I dont know]
Looks like about a 10w40 after mixing it all up. I once ran a brew of Maxlife with a bottle of Rislone Winter Start and a bottle of STP 6000-Mile Oil Extender, and then topped off with a quart of Redline 10w30 and half quart of Durablend 15w40. The UOA!
Not open for further replies.