Strange Brew, GC+M1+ #@%$#

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Mar 6, 2007
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OK I may need to plea Insanity After running A blend of GC gold and green (before I knew there was a diff) on my 2002 Toyota Tundra V8 for 5k, the urge to change it was overwhelming, so I did. I switched from OEM oil filter to NAPA Gold over sized Ford filter #1516, I broke out the stash of green, after inserting 5 qts, I kinda had a mental laps, and took out 2 qts of 5w-30 M1 Truck & SUV, the over sized filter caused me use use more oil (it was expected ) then I found almost a 1/2 qt of syntec 20w-50 so I threw it in it runs good. almost threw in a little Havoline high mileage but its full now. I wont be doing this again, since I wont have anymore M1, and besides the M1 really thinned out the GC, If I ever want to thin out GC I will use PP. Just wanted to clear out the old oil sitting around, dint really want to throw it out. Did I blaspheme
Well, maybe not blasphemy...but possibly treason! I'd say don't fret it, but keep the OCI within reason, and youand your engine will be just fine. To be honest, until becoming a member here, I mixed all kinds of viscosities AND brands for just about every engine I had at one time due to the "leftover quarts of a case"! But now, I've been educated...
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