straight weight, or multi, etc.

97 F-150, 4.6, about 76k. The truck is my personal vehicle, I also use it at work. There, it makes many very short trips, as in maybe a few hundred feet to a few hundred yards at a time. It idles a lot. I do maintenance by an hour meter instead of mileage, it would take me 6 mos to put on 3000 miles. However, I am clocking about 20-30 hours a week. Guys that I work with recommend using a straight 30wt oil, because they use it and have had no problems, some having over 300k on their gas engined trucks. I have been running Valvoline 5w30, or mobil conventional 5w30 up til now. I posted this question on another forum, most there think that going to 10w30. Many seen to think highly of Chevron Supreme for this particular application. I can't get that here. I would like weight and brand recommendations for this situation. Thanks in advance for any advice. //AG