Stored vehicle oil situation

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Mar 7, 2004
Southwestern Ontario
Just pulled my summer car out of winter storage:

1991 Honda CRX Si 1.6L
28,800 original kms (18,000mi).

Oil changed June 2003 - Motomaster Full Synthetic (Shell manufactured, supposedly Type IV), AC PF1127 filter.

I have put on approximately 600kms on this oil. Pulled the dipstick - oil looks brand new, smells fine.

Does anyone recommend changing the oil again, or changing it before it goes back into storage again (October).

What about just changing the filter?
I also have a CRX that's usually in storage. I'll change the oil once a year regardless of mileage as she doesn't get many miles put on her each year.
I'll usually change it in the spring, but I'd think there would be more of an advantage in changing the oil in the fall after the running season is over...

I too store cars, I've been doing it for 30 years. If you have a choice, change the oil before storage. Make sure you run the engine at least once before storing it.

I hope you're storing it in a garage. The car - especially the brakes - take a beating when stored outside.

For the battery, at the very least disconnect it. One of my shop manuals actually addresses this issue and recommends trickle charging the battery at least once every three months. There is a product now avaliable (battery tender?)that can maintain the battery charge without overcharging. It may even use solar power.

Tires nowadays aren't as prone to the flat spot problem as they once were, but you still may want to put the car on blocks.

The best thing for a car in storage is to run it once in a while, perhaps every month, if this is possible.
I will continue to run the current oil until October and then I'm going to fill it with Mobil 1 10W30 for storage and next year

As far as the battery is concerned, I completely remove it and store it inside the house. The vehicle is never started in the winter and every Spring it starts without hesitation.

The vehicle is stored in my garage with a full tank of gas and put up on jack stands for the winter.
I think that you should change the oil and filter in October before storage. June 2003 to Oct 2004 is long enough. You obviously want to keep this car in good shape for a long time, so just do it.

What do you do about the battery and tires while in storage?

Stored vehicle in Europe. Car used only for 2.5 months/yr. Oil wasn't changed for over 2 years and is fine. Synthetic 5-40. Don't waste perfectly good oil just because of age and very low km/mi.

We just disconnect the negative terminal on the battery as there is no power outlet in the garage (apt. building), use a car cover and jack up the 4 corners just enough to allow the wheels to still touch. Use fuel stabilizer in the fuel.
Question: Wouldn't a good Group I and Group II+ oil be better for this application.

My reasoning is two part. With the second reason being the most important.

One: With annual oil changes the cost of synthetics would be very high when figuring cost per mile or cost per month.

Two: I believe I read in another post that properly blended Group I/II oils are better at internal rust prevention. By blending I mean oils with good rust prevention additives like antimony.
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