Store Brands vs. Name Brands

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Jun 10, 2002
West Palm Beach, FL.
Just curious if anyone has done an analysis (or their opinon) of "store brand" vs. "name brand" oil. Specifically, I worked for an auto parts chain where "their" store brand of oil was in fact Valvoline? The one i'm keenly interested in is "Super-Tech" from Wal-Mart and how the synthetic measures up against say Mobil-1, Pennzoil, or Syntec. If it's close the $4.50+ vs. $2.97 USD (here in the Banana Republic. would be a nice cost savings for 3 vehicles. BTW I use Puro 1's in all.
Interesting-- the test of the Wal-Mart syn. got away from me. 1. Johnny has posted quite a bit of interesting information regarding Super Tech dino. oil. It is from a QS buyout in Shreveport, there's also a tie to Warren Oil in there somewhere. However, Wal-Mart owns the brand name and it's at least possible that the synthetic is from another source. (Johnny-- did you ever address Wal-Mart syn?) When I asked PZ/QS for all Super Tech spec. sheets I received only a dino. sheet. Someone posted an old synthetic sheet on Edmunds. All data was for SJ oils. No one's gotten a hold of a SL sheet as far as I know. 2. Interesting that it's still Tech 2000 in Canada. Wal-Mart dropped that name in the U.S. about three years ago if memory serves me right. Here are the old specs. for Wal-Mart's SJ dino: Super Tech SAE Grade(SJ) 5W30 10W30 10W40 20W50 API Gravity 30.7 30.3 31.3 27.9 Viscosity cSt 40C 67.0 73.2 104.0 170.5 Viscosity cSt 100C 10.7 11.0 15.2 19.4 Visc@100F SUS 342.0 376.0 532.0 887.0 Visc@210F SUS 62.8 63.9 80.3 98.3 Visc. Index 155.0 140.0 152.0 121.0 Flash Point c (F) 207(405) 210(410) 221(430) 227(441) Fire Point C(F) 221(430) 227(441) 232(450) 235(455) Pour Point C(F) "-37(-35) "-34(-29) "-34(-30) "29(-20) Viscosity cP, Max 3500@ "-cp Max, 4500 "-25(-13) "-20(4) "-20(-4) "-10(14) Low Temp Pumping C(F) "-30(-22) "-25(-13) "-25(-13) "-15(-5) Viscosity cP Max 30,000.0 30,000.0 30,000.0 30,000.0
I bought a case of Walmart synthetic once and the info label for shipping showed it came from Quaker State.
Johnny's gone into great detail on this on other posts, but briefly Quaker State purchased the Specialty Petroleum blending plant in Shreveport, then QS merged with Pennzoil, now of course Pennzoil is merging with Shell. Interestingly enough, I think Johnny stated that the base stocks for SuperTech were actually Exxon. Goes to show that the market for oil is extremely complex. I have been told repeatedly by people from both Wal-Mart and K-Mart that their oil is in effect Quaker State. At least in the case of Wal-Mart it isn't exactly true. In the case of the synthetic, however, it might actually be the same stuff simply relabeled. [ August 09, 2002, 04:22 PM: Message edited by: csandste ]
csandste: I could not have stated it better myself. The Wal-Mart synthetic has the same story as the conventional oil. Old Quaker plant and Warren Oil. Group III with different additive package than the Quaker State. We do not make K-Mart oil. Oz: Actually it would be WTG (way to go). Shell is a good company with a lot of money and they have a GREAT retirement package. Beam me up Scotty.
Note that just because a Name-Brand makes the store-brand, it doesn't mean it is the same. The store will contract whatever formulation they want to have enough profits. So then it is up to marketing. If management and marketing think they can make a name for their oil, they might put more in it. If they are price, price, price; forget it.
Oz: Actually it would be WTG (way to go). Shell is a good company with a lot of money and they have a GREAT retirement package. Beam me up Scotty.
If I'm working for either company, I wouldn't complain either [Wink] But, how does this protect the consumer? Sounds like the Bill Gates virus is spreading through the oil sector as well...ACK!! [Eek!] Oz
I understand that Quaker State is going to Shell but this is the first I have heard of Pennzoil/Shell merger. Can this be confirmed as true ?
"P-QS Shareholders Approve Shell Offer Pennzoil-Quaker State Co. said Thursday that its shareholders have approved Shell Oil Co.'s offer to buy the company for $22 per share -- with more than 99 percent of the shares voted in favor of the plan at the company's annual meeting. An endorsement by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is the only remaining hurdle to the deal. Shell expects to complete the purchase by early October." From the Lube Report newsletter
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