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Dec 5, 2002
is a 25w-70 to thick to use in a 1988 celica (3sge engine) to stop oil consumption?
Originally posted by jsg: is a 25w-70 to thick to use in a 1988 celica (3sge engine) to stop oil consumption?
Sure it will. An engine that stops running will stop consuming oil. [Wink] (Unless all the seals are blown and it just leaks it all over the garage floor. But this stuff is so thick, it probably won't even leak out. [Eek!] )
jsg, As others have been hinting, you should ensure that you are not leaking. Apart from that, you should take current ambient temperatures into consideration. I believe it is currently summer for Australians at this time of the year, but personally, I don't know how hot it gets there. If you haven't done so yet, you might want to consider a 5W50, 10W50, 5W60, 10W60 formulation instead. And, you should also provide us with a bit more info such as: - Driving conditions (ie. short trips, stop-and-go, highway, etc.) - Driving habits - And of course, weather temperatures. Regards, Oz
I agree with Pablo. You should get to the root cause of the problem, but 25w-70 won't harm your engine. First, there's no such thing as 70-weight under the SAE J300 viscosity tables. I'm assuming that this oil is about 30 cSt at 100*C since 60-weight ends at 26.1 cSt. 30-weight oil is about 30 cSt at about 58*C (136*F). If 30-weight oil won't destroy your engine at 140*F neither will this oil at operating temp. Don't use it in the winter and don't go racing with it.
click here go to this site, the oil i'm thinking of using is on there it's called shell helix sport 50 edit-fixed link for you [ December 09, 2002, 05:15 AM: Message edited by: Patman ]
i rang my local toyota dealer and they said they use castrol gtx3 15w-40, whould this be allright?
First off, I'd check the owner's manual...what does it say? Secondly, I don't think there would be a problem....why do you guys think they sell the stuff? A. It's obviously for the Australian market (NOT N.A.), so you shouldn't have a problem with the temps. seen there. Otherwise, it will probably only diminish your oil consumption...don't believe it will bring it down to zero unless you fix the source (as others have mentioned).
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