Stellantis MS-A0921

Aug 30, 2004

I ordered PUP 0W-40 for the break-in oil change on my buddy’s Ram 6.4. The back label references an unfamiliar spec: MS-A0921. This bottle is the latest API SP formulation.

Prior versions of this oil referenced a MS-12633 spec.

Does anyone know what changed?
I stopped worrying about FCA oil specs when Mobil 1 was FF in the Viper …
and the next day not good enough for the 200 sedan … I have more respect for Dexos …
3rd jug of M1 in my Jeep now … but do have some RGT and VME to use up in the lineup …
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it’s literally just the SP revision of the same old oil.
You're right. This is what SOPUS replied with:
Pennzoil said:
Chrysler MS-12633 standards are aligned with meeting the old API SN & ILSAC GF-5 specifications.

The current Chrysler MS-A0921 standards meet the latest API SP & ILSAC GF-6 specifications, which is now found on our updated labels as our products meet the current GF-6 specifications.