Steam engines (Not trains)

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Jul 14, 2009
NY Capital District
Nothing quite so fascinating to watch as a big steam engine, like e this one.
Marvels of engineering that they can pretty much run forever, and make so much power with only boiled water.
Pretty low stresses, but they are marvels. Nearly all the electricity in the world is produced by steam
Yah, when I was a kid, I worked a winter in the Fore River Shipyard. I had to drive over a drawbridge beside a coal fired electric plant. There was a long sloping structure from the brick gable to the dock across the road. A coal hopper train. In days of yore, the 'Yard bought steam from the plant. The shipyard is gone, the coal fired plant is gone. The plant is natural gas now. The bridge is gone. A temp makes the span for now.
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