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Sep 9, 2003
What is everyone's favorite cut and method of preparation? Obviously I love a filet but it's hard to beat a good delmonico. I rub mine with olive oil, add kosher salt and pepper and grill over high heat to medium. [Cheers!] (I'm getting hungry) [ October 07, 2005, 06:46 PM: Message edited by: Brett Miller ]
Hormone free Delmonico from a black angus on a charcoal grill with only a little salt, pepper. No fork or knife needed, just make a sandwhich.
definitely a bacon wrapped filet mignon, medium. If it's a good one, no sauce, goop or other junk is going to make it better than it was created. Don't mess with the meat, boy.... second would fajita/skirt, lotsa garlic pepper, cut thin and grilled quick, served on tortillas (flour of course). since a skirt steak is an exceedingly cheap hunk of meat, it typically needs a lot of tenderizing. tequila that pablo mentions is popular as is vodka and believe it or not Coca-Cola, 24 hrs before grilling.
Ribeye all the way, USDA Prime. Heavy salt and pepper on the grill, alittle burnt on the edges and rare in the middle. Goes down nice w/ a glass of chianti. If I have the time I make Chimi Churi to dip it in. mmmmmmmmmm.
Originally posted by Shannow: can't you get leprosy handling armadillos ?
nah, it's just a legend to keep the ferners from skarfing them all up. tastes like chicken. real slow chicken.... [Wink]
Originally posted by Go_Hogs_Go: Armadillo or possum on the grill marinaded in italian dressing.
Hold on fellas....I was only kidding. I may be a bit of a redneck, but I ain't THAT bad [Razz] .
Tri-Tip is an excellent cut for barbequeing. a nice dry rub with course ground spices, maybe soaked with some red wine, seared black on the outside and medium rare on the inside. it's really hard to beat. of course Ribeye is great. I like thick T-bones too.
from a black angus
OK, I have to ask, can you really tell/taste the difference 'tween black and red Angus ?? [Wink] Whilst the different breeds do have very different natural fat levels, the type of feed they've been on has a great influence on taste, and the season on texture. I do not like feed-lot beef. Generally flavourless, and I suppose I'm philosophically opposed to it, although quite a few of our steers used to go to the feedlot to be topped off (4-6 weeks). Range/grass fed and topped off with grain (last six weeks ) is OK. During the last bad drought here, Saltbush lamb was the rage in the big city restaurants. The sheep will only eat saltbush as a last resort, so it has to be a bad season as it's the only stuff left standing. Apparently the meat is quite flavoured and fragranced by it. We slaughtered a few steers during the last drought here (we were running pure Maine Anjou at the time) and they were bloody awful. Dry, sinnewy, yellow fat (a very bad sign) strongly flavoured, very gamey, purely because of the conditions and what (little) they were eating. We actuall introduced Angus (black) into the breeding to increase the fat levels as we weren't grain 'topping off'. Wagyu is increasing dramatically in popularity. It is the prefered breed of the Japanese and Koreans, and produces the most fatty, marbled beef (particularly in a feed lot situation) that cooks impressively and is extremely tender as a consequence with a very subtle flavour. Also very expensive. Couldn't go the Croc, Steve. (although I've tried it) Tend not to eat meat that has eaten other meat, so yeah, the local chinese take-away chicken dishes are out... [Big Grin]
tdi-rick Member Member # 3286 posted October 12, 2005 05:08 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- from a black angus -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK, I have to ask, can you really tell/taste the difference 'tween black and red Angus ?? Well I really don't know but it sure does taste good.
I'm a huge fan of sirloin steak, and I love mine medium rare. If it's cooked any more than that I send it back, I don't need my flavor cooked out! [Smile] Believe it or not my favorite steak is from Applebees! Their house sirloin is awesome! A close second is the Teriyaki sirloin from The Keg Steakhouse. And my third favorite is a real cheap steak from the Golden Griddle. I've never tried any of the super expensive steak houses up here like Ruth's Chris, I don't need to get hooked on a $50 steak when I'm perfectly happy with my $20 steaks. [Smile]
How far are you from Vancouver which just knocked Melbourne Oz out of first place as world's most liveable city? An article in Olive Magzine showed some great eating places.
I used to live next door to Vancouver. I like Vancouver. Restaurants are so-so. WORLD's most livable city? No offense, but you need to widen your sphere of reading material.
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