steak and shake restaurants do you like them?

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Haven't seen any west of Missouri/Kansas/Oklahoma. Had a big concentration of stores in the Indianapolis area. They provide a better quality burger (cooked only when you order) and specialize in burger platters with choices other than french fries (baked beans, salad, cole slaw). Their milk shakes are always good since they use quality ice cream, no soft serve. Have been around since the 1950's with the same basic marketing/menu formula.
The one time I went to one somewhere in eastern Ohio last year, it was a 24 hour operation I believe and, well...the parking lot was full of the kind of people you'd expect at such an establishment at 4am. One car had a couple who were obviously involved in a heated domestic, another car was full of loud young men, one of which was vomiting out the window, etc etc etc... I didn't stay long enough to order food.
They have them in TX now, I think they're pretty new down here. I've only been to one but I can say it was a pretty good burger and fries.
I love them!!! We had two in Arkansas, but they closed both of them. [Frown] If my wife and I are on vacation, we usually stop at at least one somewhere along the way! I love their burgers and fries and their chili absolutely rules!!!!! Thier chicken strips are great also. The ice cream is good there also. Gosh, I'll bet the nearest one is 200 miles or so from here now.
I have three within 10 minutes of me. They are set up like an old-fashioned diner, and they serve pretty much stuff along those lines: "steakburgers", [really good] milkshakes and floats, shoestring style french fries, chili-mac (spaghetti with chili, onions, and cheese), etc. After 11:00pm, it pretty much turns into the place where half-drunk little kids hang out, but otherwise, it's frequented by lots of different kinds of folks. I always get an orange freeze and a double steakburger with everything.
Very expensive....BLT sandwich with fries and soda is like $8 The food is very delicious (aleast down here) but I really don't like its 1950's style diner setting.
Originally posted by Thermactor: you eat the steak and start shaking
HAHAHAHAHHAHAH. You're absolutely right. Steakburgers that is.
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