Startup noise

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Nov 27, 2003
Puyallup, Wa
I have some startup noise on a 4.6L DOHC Ford motor. As Many of you know already I have an Amsoil DR By-Pass system on the car. This motor only has about 12,500 mi. The filters are mounted vertically, and the by-pass is about 2' (feet) away from the stock oil filter location.

Someone mentioned about Ford specifying the FL-820S becuase of it's Silcon ADBV. With the intent it seals better. Then allows oil to flow imediately to the top-end of these OHC motors.

By moving the filters, did that cause an issue. The dipstick measures full. Amsoil S2k 0W30

What might fix this issue. Besides removing the by-pass filter system.
I believe there is already a TSB out on some 4.6L Ford V8's up until the 2004 model year about engine noise. Sorry I can't remember where I read that. Do a search on Google and you will probably find it. I don't think that a motor with only 12,500 miles should be very noisy unless you have a GM V8.

Since you have a DOHC V8 would that be the Mustang?

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Did you move the stock oil filter also? I`m sure you know this, Just checking! Your by pass filter isn` in line with your regular filter is it??

There is always the posability the return line is siphoning off, leaving two feet of empty hose on start up! Maybe there is some kind of oneway valve you could put down by the engine! Just a thought! You in fact may have to put the filter back into the original location!

Welcome to the club. I've got an '01 4.6 ltr F150 and had the startup tapping since new. In my case it only happens on the first morning start during cold weather (has to be in the mid-low teens at most)and gradually quiets down 5-10 seconds after startup. Anything over 20 degrees F and it never happened (not that I can recall anyway).

FWIW, I've tried a few different synthetics, including Amsoil 0w-30 with the Amsoil SDF-11 filter and still had the noise. The absolute worst was Mobil1 with a K&N filter. To my surprise, so far this season I haven't heard the startup tapping once using Chevron Supreme 5w-30 dino. That is not to say it won't happen once overnight temps get into the single digits but at least it seems to have helped the situation some.

Did you have the noise before you installed the bypass filter kit?

What's happening to the oil pressure? It should be immediate at start-up else, there's something wrong with the setup....or you have a stuck lifter?
The sound I have is more like bearing noise for about a second. My FF filter is in-line with the By-Pass filter. Oil pressure takes about the same amount of time to peg over to 80psi.

No the engine didn't make the startup noise before I installed the By-Pass system.

I think what Hasbeen said about the siphoning is what is happening. My filter mount is about 6" higher than the stock filter mount, and about 10" higher than the sump. Does anyone know about a one way valve I could use. Also wouldn't this go on the line out to the By-pass filter mount, close to the engine?
I have the same set up in a different car (Jeep) and I know for a fact that both hoses drain after a few minutes of engine shut off. That could be the reason why you get the noise. I don't get the noise you are referring to but I do get a 3 to 4 sec delay in oil pressure, after startup, and I only have my two filters about 10 inches away (vertically) from the original filter.

As I see it you have three solutions:
1-Remove the bypass system (which I refuse to do)
2-Use a pre-luber such as this: (Amsoil has been talking of coming out with their own version for the BMK-13)
3-Just let it be (this is what I am doing)

Don’t use a one-way valve because they usually have a cracking pressure of about 20 to 25 lbs. So that will only add to the delay of oil going to your engine. And you will probably need two valves, one for each hose. So if you put them in series, not sure of this one (still need to take a course in fluid dynamics, but you might have a total cracking pressure of about 50 lbs. Which could mean bye-bye engine.
If it takes a few seconds to achieve oil pressure, aren't you guys worried about the dreaded 'start-up' wear?
I think the "dreaded startup wear" issue is WAY overblown. There IS an oil film on the sliding parts and there IS a layer of ZDDP (and moly, too, in most current motor oil formulations) below that. Three of four seconds 'til full pressure build up after sitting overnight isn't gonna materially affect engine life.

Ever seen "Das Boot", the movie about life aboard a German U-boat during WW-II? These subs had two diesel engines with exposed overhead valves clacking merrily away. There was no pressure fed oil supply to the heads on these engines. It was the engine room's crew's job to HAND oil the rockers and tappets periodically from an oil can. And they did - generally every five MINUTES or so - and that only if they weren't at battle stations. ZDDP and moly in 1941? Yeah, right... The Huns were doing good just to get their hands on sufficient quantities of crude.

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You're probably right Ray H, but it's not something you want to hear coming from a brand new car... especially after spending $$$ on a new (ie. 'better') filtration system.

Yes it would be ideal if the bypass system would run independently of the engines lub system but that would mean adding an additional oil pump. Too much hardware... After a while the cost+effort to benefit ratio doesn't make sense. At least it won't to me.

Now if someone could bundle all this in a nice little package and at a good cost, then... maybe

Originally posted by Ray H:
I think the "dreaded startup wear" issue is WAY overblown. Three of four seconds 'til full pressure build up after sitting overnight isn't gonna materially affect engine life.

I agree with Ray H....isn't this the exact condition that all those miracle-glop additives like Pro-Long, Motor Up, Z-MAX, Slick 50, etc were trying to scare people with? And look where THEY are now...

I have the same engine as 1 BAD, and I know others that have the same issue he's talking about...I think ALL the Marauder engines have this issue to a greater or lesser extent...
HOLD IT, STOP EVERYTHING!!! If you are running your regular oil filter in front of the bypass filter and you do not still have your regular fiter inplace also, You are in trouble! The by-pass filter is designed to run independently from your regular oil system and doesn`t flow nearly enough oil for your engine! I`m surprised your engine is still running at all!! Who told you to install it this way???

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