Started Running my Mobil1/Redline Brew 10w-30.. Sample to Follow.....

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Aug 4, 2002
Ontario , Canada
I got the approval to mix Mobil1 and Redline 10w-30 oil from the guys over at Redline, Dave didnt see a problem with it. So its running in the car right now and I have to say it feels pretty good.

For anyone who did not see my last post on this, I have a car that requires 3000 mile oil changes as the recommended interval. I know I dont have to adhere too strictly to the recommended interval but I want to keep good relations with my dealer in case of warranty issues. I'd love to run Redline 100% but every 3000 miles is a bit rich for my blood and I drive that much in about 6-7 weeks or so during warm months. I will run full Redline oil for my road course events, and in between Mobil1/Redline brew. I've got 3.5 quarts of Mobil1 with 1 quart of Redline 10w-30 to beef up the AW's. I figure this will give me about 150 ppms of moly and decent level of other adds which are heavily present in the Redline. Its a more affordable way for me to go with frequent changes.

I'll try sampling at 3000 miles and see how she holds up. This is a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine.

any opinions on this welcomed.
why don'y tou just buy some cheap api oil and keep the reciept every 3k and run the redline 10k or so? Its much cheaper and you have proof you bought oil at 3k intervals....
Some turbos toast cheap oil. Stick with synths. Mobil1 is one of the best priced ones easily available everywhere. QuakerStatefullsynthetic is also well priced. Torcosua ain't too bad and is delivered to your door.

I see no reason why the soup shouldn't work well.
Did you scoop up a bunch of Redline from CT last week when it was on sale for only $10.39 per quart? That has to ease the pain a bit, since Mobil 1 isn't that much cheaper at $7.12 per liter.
Interesting. I'm driving real slow and shifting at lower rpms to curb oil consumption. I plan on testing RL soon now that it's available at AA parts.
Patman I got a bit of RL at my local Crappy Tires when it was on sale, great deal but here in London they have very little supply. I dont think any store got more than a case of 12 at the start of the sale. I got about 5quarts of it and cleaned out the one store, the other store only had 5w-30. They brought very little in to my hometown stores. bunch of jerks. They didnt even disply it , they kept it hidden back in teh stock room, if you didnt ask for it they would never have given it to you. Calling them Crappy Tire is being generous.
Heard someone call it Cambodian Tire last week... LOL...
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