Stainless steel drain plugs in aluminum?

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Sep 27, 2009
Okay so I guess the ocd is kicking back in but I recently replaced the drain plugs on two champion generators with stainless steel ones (304) and now I’m wondering if this will cause a corrosion issue? The blocks are aluminum and I know the two metals can cause galvanic corrosion in certain cases but is this one of them? I’d hate to have the threads or something corrode and leak. That or have the plug seize in place. The generators had from the factory some rubber hose setup where you could lower it into a pan to drain the oil but it was extremely slow. I decided to just unscrew the hose assembly and that’s when I had to purchase some plugs to go in their place like a typical engine would have. I have a feeling this is fine but I wanted a second opinion.
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Stainless plugs and bolts, in aluminum, and immersed in salt water is common in the marine industry and stuff manages to survive. I would not worry, but if it does bother you, just swap on next oil change.
If that concerned put some grease on the threads of the plugs. Considering that there will be virtually no water getting between the plugs and the block, and there will be residual oil there, I wouldn't be worried in the least.
Millions and million and millions of aluminum oil pans and transmissions use steel drain plugs. No issues ever.
Thanks for the input guys. The other half of me thought it would be fine as well, just wanted to make sure. I do believe the original fitting material was zinc plated steel or something to that effect. The oil gets changed every two years or 100 hours.
Mild steel, stainless steel, both are fine. Stainless fasteners can sometimes be victim of thread galling when threading into a harder steel, but an aluminum small engine case is softer than the stainless, so no worries.
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