Spray lube for a drive shaft carrier bearing?

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Nov 10, 2008
Before I start, I know this is a band-aid solution but GM hasn't given myself or others much of a choice when they don't make the bearing serviceable and my only option is to replace a $900 drive shaft assembly. This is on a 05 Cadillac CTS-V and bearing squeaking is a pretty common problem. I'm looking for a lubricant that has penetrating abilities to get past the bearing shields, yet leave a good bit oil behind for lubrication and protection. I've looked at MSDS sheets for WD40, TriFlow, WD40's Blueworks, etc. and found these are basically varying blends of naptha, kerosene, and some other solvent. Surprisingly, one of the most impressive spray lubes I have found is Break Free CLP, 40-60% PAO and other additives. The best has been SprayOn's LU728 with PTFE and a really high flash point. The hard part is finding where to buy it. Anyhow, I was just wondering if anyone else had any similar experience, recommendations, etc. Thanks
Blah, I just realized I goofed on the title. I had the diff on the mind and I screwed it up. I'm asking about the driveshaft carrier bearing, NOT the differential. mad
If that is a permanently sealed bearing, you are probably barking up the wrong tree. If the car has moderate mileage, I would prepare to replace the driveshaft. Of course, you can drive what you have until it fails!
The car has 65k miles and I do realize that the correct fix isn't spraying some lube at it. However, noise in this bearing is quite common and is subdued, using the aforementioned method, for tens of thousands of miles. It is especially frustrating when GM offers this bearing for the CTS. I really wish someone in aftermarket community would step up and offer a solution.
The bearing should have grease from the factory. If you use a penetrant it will wash the grease that is still in there. I think you would be shortening the life instead of extending it.
You are right. I understand the implications of spraying it with a penetrant. Which is why I asked if there might be any other good alternatives. The SparyOn lube looks ideal, being only a PAO and propellant. Trav's solution would be a good one as well. I might drop the driveshaft this weekend and see if I can get to it.
I've used PB Blaster & WD40 to keep failing u-joints & noisy bearings happy many times. It's not a cure but many times it does free-up & quiet things down allowing me to plan the repair. I had a squeaking double cardian joint (cv joint) on my jeep's front driveshaft years ago & WD40 cured it. I've found that spraying bearings & u-joints that are not greasable will help keep them happy by preventing moisture from creeping past the seals and into the bearings. The penetrant that does manage to get into the bearing will extend the life.
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Chain lube, like for motorcycle drive chains. That will do what you want.
Great thinking! I've used chain lube to lube lots of things other than chains.
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