Spot Welder - Neat

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I was looking for a solution to do this sort of thing with the battery in my robot vacuum that has a bad cell and keeps shutting down as a result of low voltage.

His setup is a tad bit overbuilt but I do like the solenoid and switch for pulsing though.
Interesting but why who the guy spot weld whole banks of batteries in parallel? Typical packs
are cells in series, with short nickel tab strips from + to - on the next cell.

I do like that he hot-glued the cells in place, keeps things lined up!

TIP: If you want to build replacement battery packs, it's a good idea
to put each cell thru a charge and discharge cycle, it's possible you'll get a new bad cell that
would spoil the entire pack from day one! Seen it happen!
I've been thinking of using one of those 500F super capacitors for this. Even at 2.7V it seems to work. Otherwise nothing fancy, and no circuity required other than a power supply that I already have to charge the cap.
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