Splicing Mercedes transmission return line

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Sep 20, 2003
Austin, TX
The new GLE is a sophisticated beast to maintain and one observation made thus far was the transmission return line

In these newer vehicles, there is no easy way to service the transmission and the GLE is no different.
The return line from radiator to transmission have lines that are crimped (much like the AC hoses) with overengineering & non-serviceability being their moto.

Personally dislike dropping the pan ever and wanted to know if the return line could be spliced and a coupler put for flushing.

Any thoughts
Would this not void the warranty on a brand new vehicle? (or present serious risk if you ever have to take it into the dealership for ANY transmission related issue)
Fairly certain the GLE has a ZF 8HP.

It has a drain plug, and fill plug. A fairly simple but not quite standard filling procedure is required. No big deal.
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