Spend yesterday cleaning my Jeep GC.....got some Mothers Ceramic Spray.....my GF turned on her radio with ZZ Ward Live at the Troubadour......

Aug 15, 2020
And we were done in less than 40 mins. I am glad i got white....does not show scratches .....come to think of ive only had one car in my 63 years that was not white.
I personally see scratches/blemishes on white just as much as any other color. Swirls/holograms are a touch harder to see, sure, but a bad finish will still show regardless of color. It just hides dust/light dirt a bit better than most other colors, but they still get off-white and nasty without routine washes. The girlfriends superwhite Camry is in need of a clay/correction soon due to the bonded contaminants showing like crazy, which won't come off with a normal wash. My black cars don't really show those nearly as bad (but does show dust and other stuff more).

A neglected finish will show, regardless of color. White tends to get matte looking and 'Ford Cargo Van' like as it scratches and dulls the clear over time without proper care.